Sheik Abu Abdallah Mek Yu Hallah: Islam Will Rule the Entire Earth

islam nutty sheik

Click here. Or the camel gets it.

20 Comments on Sheik Abu Abdallah Mek Yu Hallah: Islam Will Rule the Entire Earth

  1. He IS CORRECT! Islam WILL rule the Earth!

    You want to know how I know?

    Because Horrywood and the elites will tell you it’s OK. Nevermind random shit like this.

    Granted 1000s of miles from here, but read the comments! Fuck if this isn’t like the stop sign shuffle (you know where darkie runs to meet you at the stop sign then moon walks across the intersection as slow as possible) and then niggers be calling racism?

    WTF haaaaaapen?

  2. He needs a little Mossberg Persuader up his arse. Allahu fubar. Screw you and the goat you humped last night.

  3. He better hope they don’t get him in one the CIA’s “special detention facilities”.

    They can really Mek Yu Hallah…

    ; D:

  4. After invading Greece and receiving the submission of other key city-states, Philip II of Macedon sent a message to Sparta: “If I invade Laconia you will be destroyed, never to rise again.” The Spartan ephors replied with a single word: “If”

    How do you say “If” in that hyena language those sheet wearing sodomites speak?

  5. and you fuckers live in the middle of this shit….and have to deal with it

    i dont….my keys are in the ignition, my 870 in the passenger seat, my mini 14 next to it..i dont have a key to my house.

    you laugh at flyover country….but i tell you…we’ll light it up it when needed

  6. And his Sec.of State will be John “rice wound Purple Heart” Kerry

    God Damn America Oh did you hear what Donald Trump said?

    Oh my God! How could he say such a thing? He has no class.He said Lindsey Gram is an idiot. He said McCain is a jerk. He was right both times. But he should not have said it. It’s just not right to say things like that. And when you say things like that the media will come after you like greyhounds on a hare.
    However when a guy, a black guy, says “we are fundamentally going to change America.” Nobody in the media gives a shit.. The only man who called that commie scumbag out on that statement was Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh wished he would fail. The media lamblasted Limbaugh. Called him racist an d tried to destroy him.

    Turns out Limbaugh was right. America is “Fundamentally changed” since Obama took office. Obama won. Case closed.

    Donald Trump is not a politician. I’m sick and tired of politicians.
    He talks like I do. Fuck you , don’t bullshit me, kind of talk is what I like.

    Go Donald Go, you may not reach the bottom but you can rip the shit out of the sides of this cunt of a nation

  7. Anyone who is professing this shit should be seen an immediate and legitmate target, and taken out just as a home invader who has just broken your door in.

    But that’s MY world…

  8. There is a huge difference between Christianity and Islam. Christians pray for the day Jesus will return to save us and begin the rapture. Mussies won’t wait, they think they’re as good as God, so they will try to start the rapture without Him.

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