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Police Bodycam videos

Moe Tom found this site with police bodycam videos. Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.23.14 PM


5 Comments on Police Bodycam videos

  1. It’s a catch 23 situation, one made more obscene by progressive goofs.

    I rip on cops, but those are today’s cops. I am old enough to know the difference. Progressives, unions and insurance companies created today’s problem, sure there are some weird situations cops encounter. But to go full GI Joe all the time only hurts their PR campaign.

  2. These videos have to be fake. I happen to know from recent press coverage that white people don’t get shot by cops, but everyone that got a cap in their ass in these videos appears to be melanin challenged. This has to be propaganda to discredit the #blacklivesmatter movement. I’m not falling for it.


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