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She’s Fat Because of White People

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  1. Oh really…. I suppose the only thing she had to shove in her mouth was cake, candy and donuts – because apparently that’s all we eat here in ‘white man land’…

    Maybe she should go back to India (if not already there) and live off the land without any technology that the evil white man invented.

    You can fix the stupid or the delusional.

  2. Nobody asked you to be born.
    Hell, nobody asked ME to be born.
    You make do with your short time here, do the best you can, and stop being a victim.
    It’ll all be over before you know it.

  3. Made it to 27 sec on that one.
    These dopes seem to think no one should have ever ventured beyond their own borders.
    Unless of course you’re illegally crossing into the US.
    Which brings up more mental twisting and turning to rationalize.

    And are white people holding her down fore feeding her?
    Or is it that whites did such amazing things with the spices the food was better and you overeat?

  4. So, did the white people stop forcing food into her fat gob, long enough for her to film that ridiculous Tick Tok video? *snort*
    Maybe someone should do her a favor and tie her arms behind her back so she can’t keep shoveling in the food.

  5. Native Americans are predisposed to being over weight because of genetics and natural selection. As hunter-gatherers, the ability to store fat, enabled them to endure times of famine. The survivors reproduced and passed on their genes. Evil white men made sure there was no more famine. Indians would never have invented modern agriculture; heck, they never even invented the wheel, written language, mathematics, etc.

  6. @ MissInMi:

    Maybe someone should do her a favor and tie her arms behind her back so she can’t keep shoveling in the food.

    But lack of arms doesn’t keep pigs from gobbling up the slops.

  7. LOTS of people are fat because of White People.

    …because ONLY White people were able to create a civilization SO plentiful that we have the fattest poor people in the history of the world.

  8. Dot or feather? No brand so can’t tell. It is whitey’s fault. Whitey put together the system that allows lil piggie to eat all she wants whenever she wants. Her people never worked that out. Ever.

  9. My favorite vacation ever was when I drove to that Indian reservation in the American southwest and put a gun to the heads of several Native Americans and forced them to eat at least two gallons of Ben & Jerry’s each.

  10. She’s a useful idiot poisoned with Marxist bull crap. No ability to think for herself. It’s like she’s never heard of fruits and vegetables. She has options. Nobody forced her to sit on her butt and gorge on hamburgers and fries.

    Native Indians in America and East Indians cultivated regional fruits and vegetables long before the white man arrived on either continents.

    Plus, the “evil” white man invented ways to cultivate all kinds of fruits and vegetables all year long.
    If the idiot wants to lose weight she needs to make a salad or get thee to a salad bar.

  11. It’s obvious that she eats more than her “fair share” and is depriving another person of color, food. She should be confronted on public streets about it forever.


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