She’s Going To the Supreme Court to Stop Biological Males From Going Into the Girl’s Room

USA Today

I’m OK with the school district’s desire to hear voices other than mine on this issue. But I have a voice, too — and Boyertown officials have little interest in my perspective. They didn’t even bother to tell me or the other students that they changed school policy to allow students to choose their locker rooms and restrooms based not on their sex, but on their beliefs about their gender.

The moment I walked into our girls’ restroom and found a boy standing there, I turned and fled — the school’s surveillance video caught me running out. I tried to get the attention of administrators to explain to them how uncomfortable — how scared — I felt sharing the girls’ restroom with a boy. They wouldn’t listen. The principal simply wrote down my concerns on a Post-it note and said he’d contact me soon. He never did.

I had once lost my voice in the foster care system. And I was once again losing it in my own school: School officials withheld information from me and my parents, then silenced me by ignoring my concerns. Fortunately, my parents also taught me to speak up for myself, and I found my voice through this lawsuit.


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  1. Hmm? Well, if she thought growing up in a white neighborhood was bad, wait ’til her “community” (“the black community”) gets ahold of her. I wonder how she’ll feel about being picked on by those lock step Lefties.

  2. Her parents, family, and “community ” that have been voting for demorat scumbags for decades are the ones responsible for this. Too bad.

  3. She justified in speaking up about this insanity. Being forced to surrender her privacy to the politically correct and their freak show should be confronted. Catering to the urges of the mentally ill isn’t a sound foundation for the imposition of these ridiculous rules.

  4. Hopefully her parents are willing and able to yank this young miss from public indoctrination and finish her education with homeschooling.

  5. When I have my granddaughter with me and she needs to go to the ladies room, I stand guard at the door. Woe to any guy who tries to get past me.


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