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Shigella cases on the rise in MO

KCMO.Gov– Shigella cases on the rise in Kansas City, Missouri
Health officials urge residents to take precautions to prevent infection

The Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department is seeing a significant increase in the number of reported Shigella cases. Shigella is an infectious diarrheal disease caused by bacteria. Normally, there are only 10 cases of shigella per year in Kansas City. Since January 1, 2015, the department has investigated more than 143 cases with the majority of cases in children in
daycare and elementary schools.

Shigellosis is transmitted by direct or indirect fecal-oral contact with a person having symptoms. Symptoms include: abdominal pain or cramps, fever, watery diarrhea, stool with blood or mucous, tenesmus (the urge to continue to go to the bathroom when your bowels are empty), vomiting and fever. A notable complication among young children may be convulsions.

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24 Comments on Shigella cases on the rise in MO

  1. Look for this to pop up everywhere, courtesy of the American Restaurant Assoc., who are thrilled with their new Third-World (but cheap!) employees. The kids are only the begining.

  2. My first thoughts on this exactly. How many “immigrants” (illegals) have recently come into the Kansas City area? ANd from what area(s) outside the US did they come from?

  3. I read somewhere that this bacteria, which has been found in contaminated jars of a popular chocolate spread, has often caused more severe symptoms that the most common form of food poisoning.

    In other words, the Shigella in Nutella can be worse than Salmonella…


  4. Roughly 100,000 illegal alien invading rat-people in KC, according to FAIR.
    Thank goodness they brought their 3rd world hygiene with them!

  5. Note: cheap labor will probably take your company down. When you poison a few people see what that does for your bottom line.
    For the most part you get what you pay for, except for anything that has to do with cost and efficiency in government.

  6. F O R I M M E D I A T E R E L E A S E
    (makes it look official)
    (I’m always afraid when I see it)


    Is there a CDC in that area?

    You remember how Lyme Disease was “discovered” ? A CDC nearby released it and named it for Lyme, CT.

    Could this be CDC up to their shenanigans, using immigrants as a cover to kill off more of us and not be suspect?

    And, never forget, Bill Gates’ desire is to bring the population down to 500,000.

    OButtHole has made me veeeery suspicious.

    I LOVE all ur comments!! Funny! You should write the national news. I could stop wiping my butt with it! (couldn’t resist).

  7. I had the misfortune of being introduced to this disease about 20 years ago after eating at the local fast food Mexican restaurant down the street from my house. Quite possibly the worst I’ve ever felt in my 59 years on this earth. Nasty stuff.

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