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Ship of State Sheds a Barnacle


After 46 years of representing New York’s 13 District, Charlie Rangel is leaving Washington.  Rising within the House to chair the all powerful Ways and Means Committee (taxes), Rangel’s political fortunes turned sour with an ethics probe and sanction of  censure by his colleagues in 2010.   To his credit Rangel served in the Korean war and is credited with leading men out of a Chinese encirclement in 1950 as a private first class.




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  1. He belongs in the outhouse of history, with those of a similar ilk.

  2. Boxer, Reid, Rangel. Three offices that need to be fumigated to give the new dem reps a chance to stink up the place on their own.

  3. Just like John McCain, thanks for your service in the military, but you haven’t been helpful since.

    Another Fox News contributor is born.

  4. Trump: Not even in office, and already making America great again.


  5. Trump gave him Carbuncle Detachment
    Syndrome. As in “Draining The Swamp”.

  6. In my lifetime (nearly 6 decades), the critter/corruptocrats in Congress have resembled the Star Wars bar scene oddballs and nutjobs. Not a cadre of patriotic leaders.

  7. “Leaving Washington”. Under his own power? Damn, and I was hoping it was in a pine box too! The old bastard!!

  8. Good riddance, you crooked old piece of shit.

  9. Barnacle? Most likely a willnot. (A willnot is a little ball of shit that cringe on to the hairs of your ass, and WILLNOT come out)

  10. @JMV: Otherwise known as a dingleberry.


  11. He’s always reminded me of that guy I’d see when visiting my aunt at the retirement community in central Florida: greasy, ethnic-looking, flashy, boozer, former ladies-man who’s convinced he still has it at 74 years of age, walks around the community with an unbuttoned floral-print shirt, and a gold chain around his neck.

    You know, “that” guy!

  12. The writing was on the wall for Rangel after Hellary lost. He was really counting on those Clinton Foundation kickbacks. They’ve cut him and his fellow crooked travels loose to save for future legal fees and paying back billionare cronies.

  13. Now if they could toss to the curb some of Charlie Rangel’s cohorts: Eddy Bernice Johnson, Elijah Cummings, Corrine Brown, Chakah Fattah, Mad Maxine Waters, Alcee Hastings, & Shiela Jackson Lee to name but a few corruptocrats in need of prison and death sentences.

  14. “To his credit Rangel served in the Korean war and is credited with leading men out of a Chinese encirclement in 1950 as a private first class.”

    Then he came home and helped ruin a bunch of people’s lives.

  15. May be now, finally, the beloved IRS can actually do something positive and start collecting the back-taxes that ass-hole has been accumulating the last twenty years, or more.

  16. 46 FCUKING years!

    More than HALF of his life (he’s 86, plus he was NY state assembly goof for 3-4 years prior to festering in the US House) has been spent living off public funding and political PERKS!

    WTF is wrong with this?

    McLAME and others are also pushing 40 odd years!

    This is FUCKING INSANITY, because somehow, someway these goofs survive!

  17. He could lead soldiers who were surrounded by chinese but could not lead his constituents out of poverty. And he cheated on his taxes!

  18. Gee, now he’ll have to pay for his own whores.

  19. Ok, so he did something good decades ago (like McCain). Does that counterbalance all the harm he’s done in the intervening years?

  20. Out here in caleaforneyeA, those are called Klingons, and he still looks like a 5H17, you have to circle Uranus to rid the porcelain galaxy of them. They only disappear when you fire a a big brown photon torpedo and scream, rangers away my friend. Sometimes they’re so big, you have to break it up with a stick. Then you flush twice, because it’s a long way to chitcargo.

  21. I hope he get’s hit by a taxi cab on his way out.

  22. Just like a fat bloated leach he drops off. Finally we’re done with this repulsive parasite.

  23. Actually, Charlie Rangel was a survivor of the The Gauntlet at Kunu-ri, the grimmest episode in American military history since Cold Harbor in 1864. I’m not kidding here. Kunu-ri was worse than Omaha beach or Iwo Jima. Seven thousand Americans were jammed into a narrow mountain pass when thousands of Chinese opened up on them. Four thousand got through. It was so grim and inglorious that the full story was always suppressed.
    Which is why you’d have to be a hard core military history devotee to even know this occurred.

    So for all of you who are wishing Charlie a quick departure from this earth, good luck with that. Anyone who could have survived this episode will probably live on to see the day when the Sun turns into a black hole and sucks the Earth into its gravitational field.

  24. The basic premise for the previous post is that even Charlie wouldn’t survive that. But who know, he might. We might have to wait for the universe itself to collapse upon itself.

    One thing I do know is that cockroaches revere Charlie for his survivability. He’s a patron saint to them

  25. @Callmelennie, thanks for that history.
    But cockroach Rangel should be cleaning bedpans in a VA hospital for being a veteran in a CONgress that hasn’t done SHIT for his fellow vets through decades of excuses.

    He should CHOKE on his next free (taxpayer paid) cocktail.

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