Shock survey: Men would rather be men



Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief

Recently the Los Angeles Times lamented that “the gender revolution has passed men by.” While women have broken into fields once dominated by men such as business, medicine and law, men have remained in stereotypically “male” jobs. Oh no!! This is terrible news for the progressives trying to re-engineer society.

But it gets even worse! According to Reyes,

In a recent survey, 51 percent of Americans told the Pew Research Center that children were better off if their mother was at home. Only 8 percent said the same about fathers.

Say it isn’t so! And what does this mean for same-sex couples raising children? (I guess it’s okay for the lesbian couples, because they’ve got two mothers to choose from.)

But it took a Harvard professor (no less) to come to the conclusion that “boys stick with typically masculine toys and games much more consistently than girls adhere to feminine ones.”

Gee, well maybe it’s because that’s the way it’s supposed to be!



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  1. Since the link doesn’t work, I will clue the rest of you in on the story..

    This Harvard brain found actual proof that “cooties” exist *IRL* and his head exploded.

  2. Seeing as I am a bearded professional grizzly bear wrestler and weekend enthusiast water buffalo taunter I think boys should be allowed to be boys and not have girly things be forced upon them as “acceptable”. Hunting is good for boys, it teaches them many important aspects about being men but it’s always shown as barbaric and “rednecky”. Boys should be out poking rattlesnakes with sticks, blowing shit up with illegal fireworks, putting mirrors on their shoes for a better view and so on and so forth. Embrace manliness. Eat a nearly raw steak. Punch a lion in the face. Refuse to watch Titanic. Be a man, dammit. My 4 year old son eats rare duck meat, won’t even flinch when removing a handful of splinters and can deliver a right hook that actually kinda hurts. My new little boy born last Thursday will be raised the same way. To be the manliest little dude on the planet.

  3. So G. I. Joe is an action figure again and not a doll?

    And when was the last time you pulled up to a light and heard the guy in the car next to you singing “I enjoy being a girl!”? I mean outside of San Francisco of course.

  4. @Eternal, that’s funny. I don’t think most kids know about cooties. I kid my little girl about getting cooties. I tell her they like to hide behind her ears (that is how I get her to wash behind her ears). Bought her a Cooties game for Christmas. Great fun. She now knows they are real.

  5. Since the link didn’t work, I googled the quote and found the article in the Portland Press Herald. Typical lefty drivel, as in:

    “When my 6-year-old is running around in a dress, people think there’s something wrong with him.”

    This is a 6 year old boy, by the way.

    I don’t think God will be fooled though.

  6. Althing — mem like you and your boys are always in demand when the SHTF. I’m lucky to be married to one of those guys.

  7. O.P: When I see a 6 yr old boy running around in a dress I think there is something wrong with the parents, especially the dad, if there is one.

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