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Shooting in Garland at the AFDI Draw Muhammad Event

Pamela Geller –

This is a war. This is war on free speech. What are we going to do? Are we going to surrender to these monsters? Two men with rifles and backpacks attacked police outside our event. A cop was shot; his injuries are not life-threatening, thank Gd. Please keep him in your prayers. The bomb squad

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I want to give Pamela and Robert their space as they are in lock down.

I spoke with Pamela’s daughter (who is as tough as nails, like her mother) and she’s assured me that both Pamela and Robert are safe, surrounded by security.


First azzhole that says that AFDI is to blame better stay out of my immediate radius, because you’re too stupid to be sharing my oxygen.

This event was to see if ordinary Americans could draw a F*CKING CARTOON without the penalty of death.

Apparently not. So why would you be sympathetic to hair-trigger unreasonable monsters in our midst? Why would you cower, rather than say, “ya, right, if I doodle your prophet I’m going to die. Not in America, Omar.”



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  1. I am so relieved that people (except the bad guys) are going to be OK.

    And it is war.

  2. The sooner we get this started the better. In the near future they’re coming for your ammo, and if Hillary gets in say bye bye to your fav shooter. Hard to fight these bastards with no firearms. Heck we’ll be just like everyone else they attack.

  3. “First azzhole that says that AFDI is to blame better stay out of my immediate radius, because you’re too stupid to be sharing my oxygen.”

    Then stay away from Twitter. It’s disgusting. This is America, by golly, and we cannot and must not cower.

    Praying for Pamela, Robert and all other attendees that they are safe and can continue the good fight. I know they won’t back down. I know we won’t back down.

  4. WTF Garland PD! Huzzah! Thoughts are with you Pamela and Robert.

  5. Fur, I was afraid you were in town for the event too. For once, I was relieved to find out you weren’t.

  6. I’m no fucking coward, but I can’t protect my granddaughter from 1000 miles away! Outing the submitters was cold, reckless and uncalled for, and a fucking lie! Please feel free to delete this post, but I was promised anonymity! This is exactly why I would have NEVER submitted a drawing if I knew they would expose my name!!!

  7. Wonder how many concealed carry permit holders were in attendance, both among the private citizenry, as well as the security team for the event? God Bless every one of ’em. They are what will help keep us safe.

    Long hot summer comin’…

  8. This really is war! We better start fighting or we will lose before we start..

  9. Really sorry Menderman you are a great guy….so did you win?

  10. You were promised anonymity..I don’t know what to say.

    I mean, was there wiggle room, another clause to the contest rules or something? I understand the problem of awarding a winner a cash prize and requiring acknowledgement for publicity, but everyone was named?

  11. No, everyone was not named. Some people did actually use their real names. Like the guy who won, for example. He uses that name and is online publishing his art.

  12. If you wished to use your real name, you could. But if you wanted to stay anonymous, you could. They only need your real name to cut a check if you won, and for tax purposes.

  13. No Rosalind, not everyone was named.
    Most people submitted their real names.
    I remember the pseudonym he used.
    It’s on the art. Pamela used a weird amalgam of
    real and another pseudonym.
    I can’t even figure out how she did it.
    I think she used a name from an e-mail address.

    It wasn’t intentional. I can assure you that.
    But it did happen in menderman’s case.
    The only one I know of, actually.

    Also, I was outed twice by Pamela, accidentally. I can’t tell you how because people will be able to get my name, and I’m a person of interest
    because I do all the AFDI bus art, etc.
    Of course I worry too.

  14. streisand effect? if u don’t want anyone to know about it don’t talk about it.

  15. Sorry I brought any of this up…prayers and thoughts to all those under attack. Just delete all my comments and let’s get through this together. I’m turning off my computer….

  16. MJA & BFH, thanks for clarifying and acknowledging that it did happen. That’s a terrible breach for you two. I sincerely hope nothing ever comes of it.

    Prayers for you and yours, Menderman. I think when the dust settles, anyone put at risk (outside of this evening’s events – which is a chance everyone took) is owed an apology. I’ll risk my own neck for a cause if I’m going to mix it up. I’m fiercely protective of family and would feel betrayed and furious if chickens got anywhere near the fan because of a mis-step.

    ETA, ditto that Irony.

  17. This looks like it was planned and pulled off by the local Jihad Debate team. Pretty weak shit. I’ll change my mind on this if they find two Auto AK’s laying next to the bad guys.
    Pamela owes two people here a big ass apology. That’s Bull Shit. Don’t get me wrong, I like what she does, but if she can’t manage keeping non willing combatants out of the mix she shouldn’t do stuff like this.
    If that Texas Copper smoked both these guys with a pistol while under fire I want to buy him a beer or ten.

  18. Mr. Pinko, That really doesn’t matter at all does it? Aren’t you self employed. Manage it or don’t do it. Who’s responsible? Jeez hire a security expert or something.

    I’m outa here before that Bitch Spell Check Brad shows up.

  19. I am passed beyond words. Guys if there is anything I can do let me know. I’d di not attend the event, but to hate two sashays try to murder people in my area over this REALLY posses me off.

    BFH has my email. Menderman you can contact me through Facebook or BFH can give you my email. I can’t think of anything I can do, but the offer is there if you think I can help.

  20. My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.

  21. This is the reality of this day and age, unfortunately. While I do not believe that anyone deserves death for drawing a cartoon, conservatives always talk about how self-defense is a right AND a duty. How much more so is it a duty to defend oneself if one decides to go poke at a hornet’s nest?

  22. Groucho Marxist

    “My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.”

    Can’t thumb up this comment enough.

  23. R.K. If that wasn’t poking the hornets nest I don’t know what is. Who won? If they hold the next one in Dearborne I’m in. Fuck it.

  24. I know, Brad. I feel conflicted about this sort of thing. Part of me totally understands the desire for anonymity, and yet another part of me wonders, if you’re going to do something like this, how about go big or go home?

  25. R.K. But that’s not as advertised. You know every time (Gawd I hope I spelled that right) I think Menderman is full of shit, he proves me wrong. I have a Grand Kids too. Difference is my daughter married a bad ass guy and they moved to the middle of no where.

  26. Yeah Brad. I get it. I think Menderman has a legitimate gripe…on the one hand. On the other hand, he doesn’t have enough ammo, if you catch my drift. You can never have enough ammo.

  27. I’ve watching this on FOX and listening to the comments. I think the two bad guys were assholes (Thank God for that). They got out of their car, fired at one man and then got blown away? Am I missing something? Are these guys trained terrorists, or just stupid wantabees? Whatever comes out in the wash, I’m glad they are fucking dead.

    And, Oh, I hope they weren’t due to start college this summer. You know, turning their lives around shit.

  28. Speaking of ammo ……… a really good deal on high quality.40 S&W bonded, jacketed, hollow point – govt. overrun from the FBI contract with Winchester.

    By the box:

    Or case:

    Shipping is very reasonable if you buy several boxes ($14 for the case) and no sales tax if outside OK. I have no ties to these folks other than buying from them occasionally. This is a pretty rare deal for a chance to stock up on good ammo though.

  29. Someone ought to tell State Dept.spokesperson Harf or Barf or whoever she is, you give terrorists jobs, like pizza delivery or airport pickup drivers and they still want to kill people. Thank you Garland police for ridding the world of two murderous moslem fanatics and thank God, the security guard will be okay.

  30. @ Mr.Pinko, I don’t think anyone implied she would do that maliciously. That it happened at all has to be an unintentional error.

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