Should He Stay Or Should He Go Now?

Speculation is building that Speaker Paul Ryan may be ousted from his leadership position in the House before his final term expires in November. In the three-way race to replace Ryan between Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Majority Whip Steve  Scalise and Ohio’s Jim Jordan, as second in command, Kevin McCarthy would assume the Speaker role if Ryan were to step down now. That would give him a good chance to retain the powerful position after November, assuming Republicans can hold onto the House.

With Ryan’s lame duck status, he no longer has any clout to keep his membership in line, while an early departure may prove to be a mixed blessing on whoever assumes leadership of the House for the remaining months of this term. More 

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  1. Today is a day late. We need someone in place right now so the voters in November have a sense of the direction that the House will be going. While we are at it lets get rid of McConnell too.

  2. Go? He should never have been.

    Jordan’s my first choice, Scalise my second.
    McCarthy may give PDT lip service, but he’s Ryan’s handpicked Swamp boy so McC would be just more RINO Uniparty obstruction.

  3. Was just talking about this with Geoff C. today. It was a stupid move for Ryan to announce his departure and then goof around with the departure date. People are entirely turned off now with ridiculous posturing and political manipulation. It’s so old school and unproductive. But maybe if he’s lame duck and having a hard time herding his congressional coalition is a good thing for now. In any event, Ryan deserves nothing but the waive off. I think the pork barrel has dried up and certain kickbacks from the K Streeters for plug-n-play legislation isn’t what it used to be. Besides getting out while the getting out is good, I think Ryan is worried about being caught up in some of these investigations.

  4. Yeah, Ryan needs to be canned.

    Seeing that Speaker of the House doesn’t have to be a House member, I’d like to see Kurt Schlichter elected by the Representatives. He certainly does a good job “speaking” for me more often than not, maybe he’d do as good a job for the House.

  5. There is a saying – ‘Sooner rather than later’… and then there’s another one ‘and don’t let the Chamber door hit your ass on the way out!’

    @ Uncle Al – yeah…what you said…good call.

  6. Employer: “Says here You were Speaker of the House, what other

    qualifications do You have?”

    Ryan: “I was once in a Vice Presidential debate”

    Employer: “Against who?”

    Ryan: :”Joe Biden”

    Employer: “Did You win?”

    Ryan: “No”

    Employer:”We’ll get back to You”


    dog gone ;you!

    You beat me to the punch!

    The Ronnie hater was a Rove/Bush replacement for another far left GOPe–who now wants the taxpaers to subsidize dope so “poor” people wont hurt so much! And he had the temerity so say he was conservative!?@#!?%&!@#!
    May your conservative soul burn for ever John. Why are so many crooked GOPe guys named John? I just noticed it! the Commie in Oh is also “John”!
    and also a liar.

  8. His wife is from a wealthy, phony-Catholic, Democrat family. Fairly certain Paul doesn’t like sleeping on the sofa when he’s home.

  9. Paul Ryan is an embarrassment to Wisconsin, we hereby donate him to California where he’ll be much happier among his own kind.

  10. Ryan’s whole focus now is on his imminent $$$$$$$ multizillion career as a shameless lobbyist for Soros, globalism, open borders, and China.

    Congress is probably the last thing on his mind. He’s also excited about Soros paying him to run a RINO splitter campaign against PDT in 2020.

  11. RINOs will do whatever they can to keep a Conservative out of leadership. Newt was the last one, and they sacked him. We’ve had Boner and Ryan ever since.

  12. Boehner Light, the GOP chamber of commerce country clubber, has been ineffective from the start.

    Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise will become Ryan Light and just as ineffective.

  13. @Freeman, love the MBs, why in heavens name did it take until this year for them to get into the R&RHoF?
    A travesty it is.

  14. Ryan’s a symptom.
    The disease runs deeper.
    There are dozens, maybe a hundred, of other maggots drooling over the prospect of replacing him – the Speakership is a “License to Steal.”

    What are his “before” and “after” gross and net worths?
    What were Pelosi’s? We know she rammed legislation that further enriched her husband’s business (and, in effect, her) – not only in tax matters but in basics like minimum wage – the plane shit was small potatoes, relatively speaking.
    Probably won’t learn about Ryan till he’s gone.

    izlamo delenda est …


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