Show Your Mind. Not Your Behind

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Good man tries to give good advice on how to be upwardly mobile.

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    Learning and <B<being intelligent
    is “acting White”
    …but THAT sounds pretty “raaaacist!” to ME!

  2. Those are not saggy pants.

    Pants down that low are an intentional affront to decent people, mixed company especially. I sometimes call 911 and report indecent exposure if they turn up in, for instance, a grocery store setting with ladies present. Ladies by the way does not describe those females who think this is “cool and attractive”.

    It was originally an “attractive” kind of concept at ATL Correctional, (!), and why that became something to emulated is, (other than stupididty), is this:

    It was found to be successful in generating confrontational situations. Works for me!!!

    B C

  3. That ‘fashion’ comes from prison culture and it means that one’s rear end is ‘available’.
    The sign is clearly not racist, but it is a tad insulting to the gay community.

  4. If having the ability and the will to use ones God-given senses to evaluate the differences between people who have our best interests at heart versus people who mean us harm, people who are glorifying the human condition versus people who are tearing it down, behaviors that are healthy for human development versus behaviors that are totally self-destructive, and being then able to articulate these observations to other people in an effort to try and make the situation better for all of us makes one racist, then let me be known as a racist.

    I’m tired of playing by their rules. I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of us wagon pullers and doers having to hide our brilliant flame under a self-imposed bushel basket to satisfy the unreasonable needs and lack of achievement and poor self-esteem of the wagon riders.

    Racist. What a worn out word.

    Pull your fucking pants up, already.

  5. I would state this a “learning and being educated” as intelligence is often a matter of genetics.
    That said, you are 100% correct. This attitude holds back may African-American youth, basically forcing them into a life of drugs, gangs, prostitution and poverty.
    The sad part is that those Blacks who do get educated often turn to making a living off of keeping those of their own race in poverty, using them as political pawns and their source of income. Really, Really Sad.

  6. Thug culture – saggy pants, gangs, drugs, etc., is an intentional leftist strategy used to disassociate liberal blacks from American freedoms and liberties, which make them believe they are perpetual victims of racism. American black family statistics from Reconstruction to the early 1970s prove rampant systematic racism was a lie. Unfortunately, the leftist tactics have worked because the majority of black Americans are victimizing themselves.

  7. In serious reality, those “go-getting” rap stars recorded some of their music and “sampled” some music of previous artists. Then they got some blank cds and conned somebody to duplicate a shitload of them and went door to door selling them. A few of them made tens of thousands of dollars and some could justify a legitimate recording contract by one or two major labels and unfortunately for the rest of us, that whole rap crap took off…

  8. When was the last time anyone saw a man with a college degree or education wear there pants like that? It started in prison to show other male inmate that your available. So what does that say about the boys wearing their pants this way?

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