Simple Solution by Leigh Scott

Here’s a really simple solution to all of the conflicts in our country.
Every white person droning on and on about “white privilege” should simply use that white privilege to open up a business. It’s not hard if you’re white? Right? You have privilege, so take a Saturday afternoon and start one.
Then, only hire people of READ THE REST HERE

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11 Comments on Simple Solution by Leigh Scott

  1. “so take a Saturday afternoon and start one.”

    Except you still can’t get a bank loan. Venture Capital is not moving off the side lines because no Repeal and Replace and no new tax deal. The Tax Structure Turtle Boy and Ryan propose are worse than doing nothing. Less revenue and no intensive. I’m self employed and use to do pretty well. But I’m not filing the love for my skin tone. And I’m pissed. I think I’ll riot.

  2. I’m just waiting for black people to solve their own problems.

    Tired of the PLANTATION MENTALITY where they expect food, shelter, a job, healthcare. We did that, it was called SLAVERY. You’re free, go do freedom stuff!

  3. That Would Take Effort , She Can’t Actually Expect Lib’s To Put Time in To This ! They Already Know How The Racket Works, and It’s So Easy !
    You’re a Racist… Taker !!!

  4. None of the aforementioned window licking liberal slobs would work for any sane wage, then they’d demand a union, and then the union would shut you down.

    All before the next Saturday.

    Just go drink a cold frosty beverage and tell them to phuck off.

  5. The people of the left are natural contrarians, they have no desire to actually solve problems, that would eliminate their purpose for living. Carping and complaining, pointing out the flaws in others is the breath of life for these wretches.

  6. I’ve read this before. 21st Century Motors. “Atlas Shrugged”. Didn’t work out quite the way that the owners imagined.
    This PolitOpinion piece is both great satire, and a “put up or shut up” example to follow for the next time you run across a yammering Socialist fool. (yes, that was a redundancy).

  7. Making leftists happy is an exercise in futility. They see themselves as being world changers. If they are ever happy, it is a sign to them that the world no longer needs changing, and therefore no longer needs them.

    This is why the world will never be fair and equal enough to them: it’s not allowed to be.

  8. “start a business” ?

    why should they do that when they can cry and whine about some one else’s business and how they don’t hire enough minorities, pay enough taxes and provide free healthcare while being paid by george soros and his ilk to do it.

    Why start a business when you can go to college, become indebted to the banks and then work for some multinational business that will exploit you and your knowledge without proper compensation then lay you off after training your replacement from india ?

    why start a business when the federal government is all about overtaxing, overregulating and demonizing you for it ?

    why be “free” ?

  9. Simple solutions for simple problems.

    Put up or Shut up.
    Shit or get off the pot.
    Put your money where your mouth is.

    They problem is that the socialists (and those who propound socialism) KNOW that it’s BULLSHIT! A Lie built on a foundation of Lies.

    Thus; they will carp and whine, amassing great fortunes in the process with no risk, sowing noise and confusion.

    izlamo delenda est …

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