New Accounting Standard Digs Big Hole In MN’s Pension

The Governmental Accounting Standard Boards implemented stricter interpretations of state pension outlooks which has had a sobering effect on the reported health of Minnesota’s obligation to its retired state workers. The new standard leaves a $33.4 million hole in the money set aside in the Gopher State’s pensions or $6,000 for every Minnesotan.


8 Comments on New Accounting Standard Digs Big Hole In MN’s Pension

  1. If every Minnesotan can cough up 6 grand, why they ought to be able to cough up 10 grand. Now get back to work you fools.

  2. Minnesota is in good shape compared to Illinois.

    Each Illinois household on the hook for $56K in government-worker retirement debt (more than $270 Billion).

    Illinois’ Unpaid Medical claims for State Workers are two years behind in payments to medical providers to the tune of over $2 Billion dollars. The state continues to take premiums out of state workers checks, but fail to pay medical bills for medical services provided to state workers.

    Illinois is #1 in debt, corruption, taxes, property taxes and user fees. Go Illinois, you’re #1.

    However, Illinois did find the money to add another “paid” State Holiday for state workers, recognizing Barack Obama.

    Illinois the Land Of Debt and Corruption.

  3. Check your Social Security statement. It clearly says that there are no guarantees. If the money not there you’re out of luck. Why should it be any different for government employees?

  4. More bloated useless unproductive and unsustainable government. I know, bring in more somalis, that’ll help. Dont wanna be racist. Sounds like a great state

  5. “Where New Minnesotans come from, you can buy a servant for life for 6,000 US dollars!”

    Why bother, the state taxpayers are their servants for free!

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