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Snap out of it!

PatriotRetort: Earth to young people: SNAP OUT OF IT!

Every time I think of a Bernie Sanders presidency, I feel a part of my soul die.

old man  get off my lawn

The thought of having to listen to that old crank holler at us in every weekly address, State of the Union Speech and Oval Office address is enough to make me want to suck a tailpipe.

Forget the fact that the old coot is delusional.

Forget the fact that his grasp of basic math, economics, and, well, reality is about as firm as that of a three-year-old.  more

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  1. Thank the NEA for Obama/Jarrett.

    And the mere fact that Sanders hasn’t been laughed back to lip locking some maple syrup drainage tubes back in Vermont much less LEADING the Democrat party for the nomination, for that, the NEA is reveling in it’s triumph.

    You want real change in this country? Vouchers. Parents that want their children to get a good education will avail themselves. The others? Fuck ’em. A thousand different kind of schools will arise to address every whim of the market.

    REgressives hate true critical thought as much as they hate competition. Vouchers.

  2. I’ve found a new reason not to support Sanders.

    I’ve done some research on his wife, Jane. Would you think I was a mean, superficial person if I said that eight years of a fat, gauche, clueless cow for First Lady is enough?

  3. Do we need any more proof that young people are clueless?


    P.S. -Just for the record, I’m older than the transistor, too. And the atomic bomb. But then again, I’m not stupid enough to run for President, either.

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