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McDonald’s, Pizza Hut And KFC Refuse Muslim Demands

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WAW: via USHerald: “Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce special orders don’t upset us,” unless of course if you happen to be Hong Kong’s chief imam, Mufti Muhammad Arshad who recently contacted McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut who are the three biggest food chains with an offer they’ve just turned down, the offer, Islamic-certified Halal meat.  more

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  1. Maybe. It looked like a British word for AssHat, to me.

    Truth in advertising hits Islamic names?

  2. The process for making halal meat is great!
    That is where PETA (the animal rights group, not People Eating Tasty Animals) gets a lot of the fetish animal snuff films they produce.


    Farcical Halal certification is being exposed as nothing more than an extortion racket adding to the cost of almost every type of purchase and governments are failing to act to protect Australians from this Islamic curse on our retail trade for fear of an Islamic electoral backlash.

  4. And so much attention paid to sanitary practices. Wonder if the above qualifies for the USDA Inspected sticker?

  5. I guessed wrong. I thought they were going to ask them to quit serving Nanny Goat meat out of respect for the females they love!

  6. I gather that a muslim who says :bismallah” over a non-halal meal can then eat without incurring a pissed off Allah. In any event the preparation of Kosher meat is similar in nature in that they both use a sharp knife to cut the throat of the animal and that both processes say that the animal needs to be alive as it bleeds out. There are differences but it should be interesting to note that a muslim can safely eat kosher and vice-versa. I think in general both processes need to be either revised or outright eliminated at least in western countries. Oddly enough, the Halal rules also include some for the animals comfort such as ensuring that the blade is not seen before the cut nor is the animal allowed to view the slaughter of another before it’s own demise. Hell, we need to have a look at our own slaughter houses as well to try to improve the way we get our meat. Causing no pain to a food animal should be a hallmark of our western civilization. Oh, I think PETA are a bunch of martini guzzling, party throwing assholes.

  7. Halal food is food that has been ritually slaughtered before a false god — the islamic moon god. It’s what all the terrorists eat.

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