SNL Concedes Their Constant Bashing of Trump is a Bore, But They Do It Anyway

SNL took a break from Trump-bashing in honor of mother’s day (??? What’s the connection there???)

They wrote a sketch where the mothers came out and complained that the incessant bashing of the president isn’t funny. So, they’re conceding that what they’re doing isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing —> entertaining.

They will be back next week, for sure, doing what amounts to a crappy unfunny pageant streamed from the headquarters of the DNC.

17 Comments on SNL Concedes Their Constant Bashing of Trump is a Bore, But They Do It Anyway

  1. They probably figure they are too big to fail, even though more people watch informercials about Time-Life music CD’s than watch SNL.

  2. “Why doesn’t SNL ever talk about Crooked Hillary?”

    “Why don’t you do Wayne’s World anymore? that stuff was funny”
    The skit was pretty funny

  3. @jpm — I liked “Coffee Tawk” (Talk). But SNL is like what everyone said Playboy was about (the articles) — only reason to watch was for the music. Haven’t seen SNL for decades.

  4. The audience is miniscule, but what else are they going to put on in its place? Old movies? Another late night talk show? Another reality show? If I ran the local affiliate, I’d kill the SNL feed and run old classic movies. That would attract at least as large an audience as SNL.

  5. SNL does not have the talent, actors or writers, to carry the act. The Hindenberg landing in New Jersey is their future.

  6. Noooo SNL…don’t stop now. Hard to stop enjoying the left destroying itself. Hey Billy Boy…my balls, yer chin!

  7. SNL wants to be funny for a change?!
    How about a Mothers Day sketch starring Mooch and her two ‘chillren’ from the Props Dept??
    Malaria and Sharia could deliver the punchline: “for starters, maybe if you were female!”

    100X better than anything Colbert has done evah!

  8. SNL is not even in my universe anymore. The so-called comedians are too snotty for my taste. They think they are arbiters of what is funny and what people should laugh at.

    Speaking of Hillary, it’s perhaps not possible to make fun of such a nasty personality as hers. Can anybody make jokes about her screaming at her staff and the Secret Service? How about her possible complicity in several murders, her actual complicity in Bill’s raping episodes, or her being a lesby, or her having a kid with Web Hubbel?

    That is not very good material for comedy, but good material to arrest her on.

  9. What truly IS funny about SNL is that they are backing a loser agenda week after week, thinking they are making a difference.

  10. SNL filled with prancing liberals featuring wide eyes, open mouths, and leering postures saying “look at me spoofing Trump and his peoples joke” is not funny nor conducive to me ever watching them.

    They are as dead to me as shows like the “west Wing,” or “the View.”

    At least Ellen is sincere.

  11. Their constant, crude, smutty attacks on Ronnie convinced me to stop watching about 36 years ago. So they have not lost me this century!

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