SNL- the Ultimate SJW Hypocrites

Do the people who got Shane Gillis fired before he even started at SNL feel good about themselves? When future generations stand at a cemetery of decrepit grave markers and wonder how much greatness is contained underfoot, do you think they will be thinking, with a tear in their eye, “I’ll bet some of these people, from the comfort of their couch, on their palm communication device, negatively altered the path of another human’s existence because they talked in a fake Chinese accent.”

The virtue signaling of SNL is particularly galling because they made their bones with this–>

Why is Lorne Michaels allowed to work? He was responsible for this. Why is John Belushi spoken about respectfully as a great comedian? Shouldn’t he be condemned along the lines of Kate Smith?

I could dredge up the Mexican Bees. I could dredge up a Garrett Morris making fun of Spanish baseball players. SNL produced Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest, one doing blackface and the other a gay brown person. (How do I know Guest’s character was gay? Crystal had to get Guest to say “Sirloin.” His clue was “the ultimate meat.” Guest’s response was (in a weird Spanish accent) “Mel Gibson.”

Here they both are doing blackface, in a piece about the Negro Leagues.

I could go on, but the point is, SNL sitting in judgement of a man’s career for doing a joke based on race is the funniest joke they’ve written in a long time.

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  1. 1.) I stopped watching that unfunny SNL show decades ago when they stopped doing comedy in favor of political stunts with a complete one side slant. The fact they never touch bumbling Obama at all means they should be off the air anyway.

    2.) It’s interesting now how all the Social Justice warriors are on the verge of a civil war where they start eating their own young. Comics like this or token others are already getting caught in the next but morons like Cortez will stop at nothing to take out their own too. Just wait until they Nominate old Man Biden and the internal civil war begins!

  2. When I think how Saturday night live now views themselves as woke and progressive warrior do gooders who do no evil, the words that come to mind are “Jane you ignorant slut!” Times sure have changed.

  3. I’ve had this SNL skit in my mind for several years, of course they would never do it, but someone with some production skills could. It would be a parody of a new game show, called: WHO’S MORE OFFENDED?”
    Basically, each week there would be three contestants, say; one black, one muslim, and one feminist. The MC would read a bland line such as: “The moon was bright in the night sky.” Each contestant would buzz in to explain why that line offended them. (Black) I’m offended because that line makes it sound like the white moon is more important than the black sky. (Feminist) Well of course I’m offended, just think of the history of the man in the moon, never once has anyone said the woman in the moon. (muslim) I am deeply offended because everyone knows that muslims put the moon in place, and have been back many, many times with our rockets. The judges would award points based on the best response.

  4. Funny, but the only times I’ve seen SNL is on other fora (forums?) criticizing them.

    Didn’t watch the smarmy assholes when I was a kid.
    (on too late – I was either drunk or stoned by the time they came on)

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. And what about “Pull the triggers, (word for persons of Sub-saharan African ancestry that may not be spoken but rhymes with triggers)”

    That from a satire of Joan Baez, from the National Lampoon touring show, which was a precursor to SNL)

  6. SNL is approved by the State Politburo for Comedy.

    I never watched it too much, but I remember a routine with Eddy Murphy as the fifth Beatle. It was hilarious.

  7. Hey anyone remember Buckwheat’s assassination? Every time they showed the replay footage on the ‘news’, it was different!! Shit… I still laugh just thinking about it! One of the funniest SNL routines evah!! Thanks…


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