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So, Who Wants a House Guest?

Looks like my prediction of my house being in the direct path of 140 mph winds is accurate.

It’s not the winds I care about, it’s the loss of power and the internet.

I’m hearing hotels are booked solid from here to Sarasota.

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  1. BFH, my 96-year-old mother has a guest room, cable TV, and high-speed internet with Wi-Fi. She can usually take care of herself but I’m sure she’d like someone there with her if the winds pick up here. You’ve got my email, this is a serious offer. We live in Sarasota County, she in Laurel and we in Venice. We’re about 15 minutes apart.

  2. Been boarding up for 6 hours and running out of daylight.
    I’m just south of Cape Canaveral so if you don’t mind being traumatized twice you’re welcome to head north after Matt lands there and we can sit in the dark together.
    Been here done this too many times. Got hit back to back within 3 week period in 2004, first with Frances CAT 4 on 9/5 and then Jeanne dropped by, CAT 3 on 9/25.
    Weirdest thing was both storms made landfall in exact same area Hutchison Island.
    Keep you’re chin up though, we were without power only 11 days! 😬
    Blessed with great neighbors – plenty of food on the grill and my neighbor from Spain supplied much needed espresso on his Coleman hot plate every morning!

  3. You need to get to Chicago, I’ll pick you up. Temporary room in the basement for two weeks. By then I’ll have collected my shit. At that time you can have the house a vehicle or two and anything else that stays. This might include a 43 year old woman, two kids and two dogs. On the plus side, the kids are almost adults, but a dog might need to go down soon.

    You’ve got my email, give me a shout.

  4. I’m 1,000 miles North of you. If you start peddling now you may make it here in about a week or so…
    Seriously, get out before everyone else panics and the roads are blocked.

  5. Fur, I know you can paint, I’ve seen your lovely portraits. Can you do it on a larger scale with a can of Sherwin Williams? You can stay with us if you don’t mind painting the trim in your bedroom. 🙂 The upside is home-cooked meals like your mom never made!

  6. My offer stands. You know where (check your email).
    JUST GET OUT NOW (at latest tomorrow morning).

    TIP: Route 70 West gets you faster away from the Atlantic Coast.

    Route 60 offers more options, should you prefer to keep your anonymity, as far as towns to stay in, such as Lake Wales, Bartow, Winter Haven, Lakeland, Plant City.

  7. It IS the wind you need to care about, pal. We rode out the last 2 hurricanes and it was harrowing. My town was declared disaster area both times. But having said all that, the winds were HALF of what they are predicting for FL. If I was facing winds over 100mp I’m almost positive I’d bug out for a day or two. Fur, you need to get out. Even parking in a Walmart lot for a few hours in a safer zone is better than being hit. Seriously.
    Of course, get a picture of Diogene’s sister first. But, THEN, get out of there!

  8. I left Florida yesterday for my hunting cabin in Maine. Too bad your a last minute person.
    There are 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I could have flown over and picked you up.
    I have a twin engine prop plane. Seats 6 to 8.
    You should have hopped in a car and headed north yesterday. Hang a left once clear of Florida and don’t stop till you are out of danger.
    Hope you do get to safety.

  9. Al, neighbor kids left this afternoon with 7 mo and 3 yo for Venice. Her parents own a couple of auto repair shops in V Beach. Her husband would’ve stayed if not for little ones as I think he spends enough time with FIL and MIL if ya know what I mean.
    PJ, I reserved very last room in Titusville, about an hour north of me and inland. Will see what the sit looks like tomorrow. My home is 1000 yards from Atl ocean. I’ve stayed put in CAT 3 with no problems. I’m not a hero but I’m no fool either! TY!
    I dread fighting with H.O. Ins more than the storm.

  10. Don’t look to The Villages as a safe haven! As of this minute they’re not technically in the worst zone but they are damn close. My father is there and I’m encouraging him to leave or at least use the shelter they have there. If I thought they’d be perfectly safe I’d tell Fur to go there!

  11. Fur, I don’t know your specific situation. Glad to know you’re evacuating. So, get out while you can. Once the sheeple evacuation panic hits, the roads are blocked and you’re trapped wherever you are. Tonight is probably still viable. But at daybreak the masses will hit the roads Has to be seen to be believed. Fleeing-the-Martian-tripods level of panic, and stupid.
    I’m a native Floridian. Ridden out most of these events for the last 40+ years. Often not a wise idea. I’ve had blind luck. I won’t ride one out ever again if I can help it.
    A Cat 4 is Richter-Scale exponentially worse than a Cat 1. 145 mph winds are like Hiroshima. It can’t be described.

    Pack. Valuables and family photos. Bring food, water, and spare gas. Go while the roads are still open. Once the Interstate escape window closes, you’re trapped.

    Worse case, drive a few hundred miles and crash somewhere in a parking lot, you won’t be alone. You’ll have a story to embellish suitably as time goes by. You may even meet a carload of Hot Refugee Babes.

    But go. Seriously. Tonight if you can. Yesterday would have been better. If I were in Pt St Lucie I would pack my valuables/ID/computers/cash, unplug most appliances, lock up, and drive through the night. Road Trip!

    Safety and prayers to everyone in the path.

  12. Well , Fur, we’re in southwest Georgia. And I’ve got a real cozy couch and a half of a bottle Crown Royal. You might have to share it with Butch, my boxer. I mean the couch. The Crown you’ll have to share with me.

  13. Get in the car and drive north.
    Come to Ohio with all us dumb, uneducated, mighty whitey, unloved by Killary people. You can have the entire upstairs if you don’t mind 2,000+ yards of quilting fabric and 3 sewing machines. The mattress and box springs are new. Or the library, a lumpy futon and 15 cats.
    We have flush toilets here in Ohio ya’ know.

    We can go to Columbus, stand on the State House lawn and moon Gov. Son-of-a-mailman. Maybe play some cow pat bingo, knock down mail boxes, milk the chickens.

    Do mind the winds!!! . 1971 Hurricane Edith, 16 yr. old me with a learner’s permit and driving in that crap while my covered her head and flipped out. Never again.

    Don’t be a libtard….

  14. If you feel like driving all night, i got a full inlaw suite, enough booze to kill two frats, fully stocked food, etc. all the wifi you’d ever need. Of course I’m in the DC area, so that may be worse than the hurricane…

  15. I hope you already gassed up. Gas stations had no fuel in Fort Lauderdale today when I bugged out.
    My door is always open. I’m just a poor farmer but you can sleep in the loft of my barn. But that’s where my Teenage daughter sleeps.

    Seriously though. Hit me on back channel of you need to bivouac for a spell.

    Incidentally. Does anyone really believe the latest NOAA charts on path? If it comes true it’ll be the weirdest storm path ever. An abrupt 90 degree right turn at Charleston?

    There is a reason that the southeast shore is shaped the way it is. Millennia after millennia on similar paths may have caused that.

  16. Hi Fur – my boy lives in Lee Co. In crappy Lehigh Acres. Last I checked they weren’t in the path of trouble. They have an extra bedroom, in their little single fam home – and a pool. Let me know. If you want me to reach out to him, just post here – then I will email you all private like.
    He’s a good egg, pretty nerdy but cool.

  17. BFH, I only a few states away with a house with two great guest rooms and an entire floor to yourself. My husband is a cool man and I have a special needs son who is even cooler (seriously!).
    We live in a pretty solid red state and we are very safe here. It is a 10 hour drive. I would be so honored to have you here.

  18. Normally I like to ‘wait and see’.
    But not for mass evacuations.
    Mathew is hundreds of miles wide.
    By the time the winds and rain are upon you, it’s too late to drive away.
    Zero visibility, road accidents, falling trees/power lines, blocked lanes, gas stations close up.
    Approx 5 to 10 million people are watching Weather Channel right now, mostly packed and hoping for a last minute reprieve that means they don’t have to evacuate after all.
    And they will all see the same report, and frantically hit the roads at the same time.
    1-4 and 1-95 become parking lots. Smaller roads even worse. Poorly maintained POS cars ahead of you break down or run out of gas, blocking you. Stupid fender benders block multiple lanes.
    Don’t wait to get trapped in that.
    Road trip time. Tonight is probably the last window before the roads are clogged with mass evacuation.
    I would NOT procrastinate for the morning updates. The handwriting is already on the wall.

    Go now. Safe drive. Keep us posted.

  19. Lived in Palm Beach Co. since 1953 with a break for college. Worst damage I had was a broken-off mango tree limb. It was eerie driving home from work at midnight through the city with NO street lights, business lights, etc.

  20. Are you on the road yet? If not, wtf not?
    Do I need to come down there, turn you over my knee and administer a blistering spanking?

    What’s with the Donate button not working?

  21. BFH,
    We’re located in Central Texas now. You are welcome to stay with us. We’re remodeling, so you can have a whole wing to yourself. It’s a small town, quiet. A train runs through town about every three hours so the horn might wake you the first day or two. There are shooting ranges and I’m currently looking for historic sites to visit. My wife is a chef.

  22. @Eugenia Certified Deplorable…. quilting fabric?? Me, too! Quilters are the nicest people so I’m not surprised you’re here. 🙂 Nice quilt waiting for Fur to sleep under if he comes to Canada.

  23. “This is the greatest blog. I love all you people.”

    Interesting. That statement snapped me to reality. There are people here that ai would travel to to help them out of a jam. Funny thing is, I couldn’t pick them out of a crowd.

  24. Weather is good here in Arkansas. Much peace and quiet where I live, and not a progressive for miles. It is a little cramped but very survivable, and you know you are welcome here any time BFH. Just give me a holler. We can sit on the porch and shoot cans, or fish for bass in the pond.

  25. Brad, there are a lot of good people up that way. And air that is a true pleasure to breathe.
    The election results will be the determining factor for me. My heart is with my ancestors up around Kalispell.

  26. Mr. Hat, you could come stay with me, only problem is, we were told to evacuate, hell no I ain’t goin’.
    You’re new to this, I have been through it a bunch, I’m old and ornery.
    Have a Vet buddy coming to stay, he lives in a travel trailer, has nowhere else to go.
    Three Purple Hearts, a Silver and two Bronze stars. Hell, I owe it to the Marine.
    When I told the wife Danny was sheltering here she rolled her eyes and said: “You’re gonna need more beer.”.
    That’s what I love about her, ever the optimist.

  27. Hopefully you are on the road by now. I have been thru a couple. Last one was Irene, only a Cat 1 when it went right over top of us. Pretty freaky. The wind was not the spooky part, it was the changes in air pressure. I stuck my face in the little bathroom window to see what the neighbors trees were doing and you could feel the changes in air pressure as it sucked the air out and pushed it back in. A Cat 3 or better and I am out of there.

  28. I’m late to this thread – WAAAYY Late – but I’m glad to know Mr Pinko put you up at his crib over on the west coast of Fla.

    Stay safe, y’all

  29. I would have offered to put you up here in Louisiana but a longtime friend from PSL already has dibs on the couch and is enroute to arrive in an hour or two. ETA 1100pm Central – Thursday.

    So this weekend will consist of staying glued to the TV and a long drunken visit to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. Maybe lunch at Cochon Butcher in the Warehouse District.

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