So, you want to be a Hate Crime Hoaxer?

Patriot Retort:

So you’ve decided you want enter the fun, fast-paced, lucrative career of Hate Crime Hoaxer.


The Hate Crime Hoaxer profession is an excellent way to attain national recognition without having to do anything worthwhile to earn it.

Those who select a career in Hate Crime Hoaxing will see their public profile go from “virtually unknown” to “social media hero” overnight! All without ever having to lift a finger to contribute to society.

But the life of a Hate Crime Hoaxer has some challenges. But fear not! These challenges can easily be surmounted without ever having to expend any real effort or hard work!

We here at Hate Crime Hoaxer Training Center want to help you get underway in your new, exciting profession.

Just following these quick and easy helpful tips will help increase the likelihood that your Hate Crime Hoax goes off without a hitch.


11 Comments on So, you want to be a Hate Crime Hoaxer?

  1. @Anonymous Yes it says all you have to do is say you identify as black, badabing badaboom.

  2. You also need to include a critical reminder as Charles Barkley said don’t write a personal check to your accomplice to pay their fee for participating. Get cash man.

  3. Now wait a minute. The guy could have been a Trump-supporting anti Trump person and a white Cuban Republican Democrat.

  4. I was at the mall in Springfield (don’t ask me why — I loathe the fucking place) and a colored boy said, “Howdy!” to me. I nodded and said, “Howdy!” right back.

    There HAS to be a hate crime in there, somewhere.


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