Soaking Wet Gate

Patriot Retort: Last night, President Trump committed the impeachable act of saying rally goers waiting on line for his North Carolina event were soaking wet.


Twenty-fifth Amendment!!!!!

Clearly this is just yet another example of how unfit for office President Trump really is.

So says hard-hitting journalist Brian Stelter who fact-checked the weather to determine whether or not rally goers could possibly be soaking wet.

Sunny and 88 degrees in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

To hard-hitting journalist Brian Stelter, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that rally goers could not be soaking wet.


Having lived in North Carolina, I can tell you that if you arrive at a Trump rally a couple days in advance and hang around outside in the sun, you’re gonna sweat like a stevedore. more here

14 Comments on Soaking Wet Gate

  1. I was soaking wet this AM when I finished gardening on a bright sunny Southern Summer day.

    Stelter is wet where his brain should be.

  2. nonsense.
    remember clinton’s episode at 9/11 ceremony? They said that was because of the heat.
    “The National Weather Service recorded the Central Park temperature at 79 degrees, with a heat index of 80 degrees, at around the time Clinton was stricken.”

    revisionary contortionists

  3. Stelter only sweats in a gay bath house.
    Go packers! He squeals in a shrieking porcine fashion once his anal region is penetrated by his fan club.

    Was that too harsh? Am i being too mean to this quarterwit? Eighthwit? He’s certainly not earned the title of halfwit.

  4. Pudgy little Brian was picked on a lot during his school days. Now he spends his days attacking those he feels inferior to, which is just about everyone.

  5. His mouth looks just like a VeJayJay
    that just got a cliter-rectomy….
    No S*** I seen 1 on the web.

  6. Lyin Cryin Brian is all effed up after all those years of getting wedgies, swirlys, and constant ridicule from normal males. Midol, Safe Spaces, girl’s bathroom privileges, and special favors from gay teachers really didn’t help him.

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