WE’RE BACK!!! U.S. & Eh?! Show with @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko – Call in #323 870-3371 – 8:00pm – 10:00pm Tuesday September 10.

TONIGHT! 8:00pm EST – Call in #323 870-3371

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21 Comments on WE’RE BACK!!! U.S. & Eh?! Show with @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko – Call in #323 870-3371 – 8:00pm – 10:00pm Tuesday September 10.

  1. FYI, from Claudia’s post about her time at the Intellectual Frog Legs Cookout:


    “Then he [Joe Dan] asked if Mr. Pinko was going to make it. I told him that he had tried to arrange his schedule, but I didn’t know if he would. He then gave me a message to tell him, which I will during the next US & Eh! Show. Now that I have a phone that won’t die after five minutes, I’ll call in to deliver Joe Dan’s message. 😉”

  2. How many billions has Canada pledged in aid to the Caribbean? I mean, your ex PM was talking all that wind out of the side of her mouth about the hurricane. Seems like Canada is in the doghouse until it ponys up some serious dough.

  3. You can both respect Trump AND Bolton. It’s just a work relationship. And a slight difference of opinion. And, two alpha-males. I think Bolton was there for 17 months which is a good, solid run.

  4. “Carry On Our Wayward Sons”.
    Hope you both have had a good summer, good to hear you both back on the air.

  5. Thanks, Meerkat, for the email. I just got home and wasn’t going to check iOTWr until later. But, I did check my email and went “Ahhhhh, gotta call” when I read your email!

    Listening now on my phone!

  6. @Claudia, you’ve featured our cat, Sushi, several times. So Sushi thanks you for calling in. She’s listening!

  7. Pinko, it is going to be Warren and Hillary and then Hillary will have Warren well, we all know.
    Then she will be Queen for the day.

  8. Hey, Mr. P., can you queue up the clip I sent earlier — and then the church organ music for me when I call in? LOL!


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