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Social Distancing

h/t going through doors will be fun…

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  1. Tuesdays and Thursdays (tomorrow) from 07:00-09:00 are Safeway’s “senior Boomers-only” shopping times in the Soviet State. I get to go in with fellow Boomers and practice ‘social distancing’ and say things like:

    “Okay, Boomer. You’re too close! I can smell your Vic’s Vaporub!”

    “Stay back or I’ll shout ‘Social Distancing Violation!!’ and make an alarm sound like this…. (Wuhan! Wuhan! Wuhan! Wuhan!)

    “Back-off, Boomer, or I’ll sneeze on you!” (cough cough)

  2. Went to Dollar General today, took a look and still the back wall is empty. Turned around and saw what I can only described as a Millennial, 90’s baggie pocket shorts, greasy Man bun and a paper surgical mask,,,.
    Best laugh I’ve had in the past week!


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