Socialist Christians

I want to see Bernie For Christians. That’s more important than the reverse.

There will always be the oddball group, like, Jews For Hitler.

Hitler For Jews would have been a far more important “group,” no?


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  1. Should also have a right to NOT spend your last dying days in an Obamahospital with sub-par care, and therefore should NOT have to pay for it. Slippery rocks down by the river don’t charge a single cent.

  2. I am a Christian but I only have two words for Bernie and his bastardization of the gospel, BULLSHIT! Anyone, Christian or otherwise who falls for this crap deserves what they get which is more oppression. I can’t believe all the knucklehead Christians who fall for this nearly every time over the last 100,years or so, a lousy empty social gospel promising pie in the sky but delivering nothing but misery. My trust is in God, not Bernie, nor the democraps or the gutless GOPEE. Anyone who votes for this crap is a loser and is cutting his and everyone else throat in order to try to make everything fair. And nothing on this Earth is fair except how we’re all treated equally by God.

  3. Or else, unbeknown to us, Bernie Sanders is a devout Christian Scientist. (no, I do not think that is true)

  4. I don’t know the exact quote but Jesus said ” Entitlements are for those in need. Get your able body asses off the welfare rolls and work for your food, education, phone and health care. Now go forth, get a job and sin no more.”

  5. Communists are atheists.
    Does Sanders’ tax return reveal that he tithes a good percentage of his generous guberment salary??

  6. Taking people’s money by force and giving it to someone else is not Christian in my book.

    Those same people who want to do that also look the other way at baby killing. (and homosexual promotion)

  7. Not just in your book, it is not in His Book either.
    Christian charity is not done by edict, nor by swindle.

  8. Jesus’ commandments were always challenges for you, personally. He never said you should be poor, although once he challenged a man to give away all he owned – because he knew that man worshiped his ‘mammon’ or wealth. When people twist Jesus’ words to say that they can take from me I get angry.
    Also, Jesus got angry. He was not a pacifist. He overturned tables at the temple, and talked about taking up arms when necessary.

  9. No comparison. If the typical diets of Americans would return to the “eat this, don’t eat that”, in Leviticus, it is probable that the necessity for a huge health care system would be reduced to its’ proper size, and healthy (internal) self-government is restored.
    Why , for example, should I be forced to pay for
    another’s diabetes gained by their self-chosen
    consumption of gallons of soda?

    This is how far we’ve come. Insanity.

  10. The retards coming out of our schools of Poli Sci really are taking it to the next level with this one. There is a trail of this crap being attributed to “Jim from Liberty University.” Not even a real person.

    This whole thing is nothing but an invention of a PR company.

  11. B U R N ie +++ as evidenced by his maximum personal sacrifice to ensure that ALL of America’s Veterans get ALL the physical and mental health care they need BEFORE ANY ONE FUCKING ILLEGAL ALIEN gets any health care.

  12. Two comments:

    1) Let those who believe Jesus created free healthcare sit out side any hospital and wait for a miracle. While they’re waiting, I’ll wander inside and pay a doctor to treat me.

    2) I would have loved to see Bernie leading the charge to combat climate change as the flood waters rose and covered the earth. Hey Bernie, how long can you treat water?

  13. Once when Winston Churchill ran into a man that called himself a Christian communist in Rome he thought for a moment and then told him it must give you great comfort knowing the catacombs are so close.
    Being told things are free and will cost you nothing will always end up consuming you in the end.

  14. “Freely you have received your privilege; now freely give to the government so that 70% of what you give can enrich the lives of lazy bureaucrats, and the remaining 30% can maintain their constituents in drug and diabetes squalor.”

    Said Jesus never.

  15. I think the key word on that poster is “freely”. There is nothing free about extracting charity by the point of a gun. I have no problem with VOLUNTARY socialism however we know that those that are for socialism are the parasites that benefit from the efforts of other people. Why doesn’t one of our presidential candidates express this?

  16. It may have been Jesus who said that we needed a super yuge Leviathan overarching grasping-Trillions-of-dollars-in-debt charade of a government to steal from those who work and keep for themselves, dropping crumbs to the lazy immigrants, drug addicts, and other assorted parasites?

    No. I don’t remember that from the Gospels.

    Maybe it was Lennon … or Marks …

  17. Just what is the government’s interest in “helping people” by extracting money from other people? I suggest it’s the same interest that Judas had with the disciples, wanting to hold the money bag because he was helping himself.

  18. Jesus was talking to his disciples about using the power of God working through them. that power could heal the sick and raise the dead. they didn’t earn that power it was freely given to them from God to authenticate their Apostolic calling from Christ. Jesus never taught the redistribution of wealth or free health care.

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