Some Assembly Required

That old saying about boys and their toys seems to have found a new expression in the #tetrischallenge meme. Starting earlier this month a number of police, fire and military members have posted themselves with their vehicles and equipment to the internet, by displaying themselves like a toy set. Here

Now everybody seems to be getting in on the act. Here

Now all kinds of people have gotten in on the act. Here

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  1. Wish I was informed before I click a link that it was a facebook property! I don’t like and try to avoid any and all their crap because once you click on them they own you.

  2. Anyone else laugh out loud reading ORi5k’s twit: “Is it me or they making swastikas with thier body.” Fuckin’ moron doesn’t even recognize a swastika….
    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”
    Michel de Montaigne

  3. This looks like a continuation of what the CHP (Calif. Hwy Patrol) started last year with its lip-sync challenge to other LE agencies. Youtube now has several from cities all over the country. Here is my local CHP office contribution;

    That chubby guy with the glasses, a friend and local hero, he and his family has fostered over 40 dogs from our local shelter, spending a few weeks and sometimes months to socialize and acclimate hard to place dogs so they can find their permanent homes.

  4. If I were inclined to join in this fad, I’d want to photograph myself surrounded by a neat arrangement of bacon, back ribs, breaded pork tenderloin, fried chicken, rib roasts, rib-eye steaks, hamburgers, and a nice selection of beer, wine, and whiskey.

    Plus a couple of key lime pies.

  5. @Different Tim – There’s hops in the beer, limes in the pies, tomato and onion and garlic in the ribs’ BBQ sauce, and the pork and chicken breading round it all out with wholesome wheat flour.

  6. ice bucket challenge, flatboarding, Rich Taylors (btw is that you in the cuddly smokey suit?) tetris (i have zero clue as to how these look like tetris) Stuff is crazy!

    Wuts next?

  7. I don’t live in my parent’s basement, playing pointless video games. 🙄

    And my “some assembly required” of preference, is AR-15 lowers. 😎

  8. Rich Taylor, that was a fun video! Tell your friend that he’s got some good moves, plus loving puppies! 😉


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