Some Californians Pay $5 For A Gallon Of Gas, Which Could Mean Trouble For 2020 Democrats

Daily Caller:

[…] DeMaio told the DCNF that California Democrats and their policies taxes are to blame for the rising prices.

“That’s what Democrats like to blame,” DeMaio said. “‘Oh, it’s the industry. It’s the market. We had nothing to do with it.’ Spare me, you arsonist firefighter. You created the problem with your taxes, mandates and regulations. And now you come along saying, ‘It’s not our problem. It’s the private sector’s problem.’ This is how they escape responsibility for the problem.”

DeMaio added California’s increasing regulations and gas prices will “absolutely” have an impact on Democrats in the next elections, adding that Republicans could have saved seats in the state in 2018 had they made these issues the central focuses of their campaigns, but “they’re too ignorant to actually see the opportunity in front of them.” more

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  1. Important to understand that this has little to do with oil prices, which aren’t particularly high right now. The gas tax increased in July and is the highest in the US. Also, CA law requires different gasoline than the other 56 states, which means only our refineries can produce it. Meanwhile, a couple of refineries had unscheduled down time – and of course with CA environmental regulations it’s essentially impossible to build any new ones, even though they would be cleaner and more efficient. Because we all should use solar, ya know.

  2. …the illegals don’t care what your gas costs, they only have the drivers licences for voting purposes, and there’s enough of them to outvote you…

    …as Democrats intended…

  3. Little slow on the uptake, aren’t they?
    Cities are filthy cesspools of crime and degeneracy and it costs more to “live” there!

    Who says there isn’t a natural tendency to be a slave?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I’ve seen that sign say Arm, Leg, Firstborn. Had to be changed ’cause
    we’re gonna start eating them now or so I heard.

  5. Dems have this state locked up tighter than Jack Bennys’ wallet. “Your money or your life? I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” Gotta be old to get it.

  6. Gonna start California the Black Hole.

    It’s finally revealing itself for the self-destructive vortex of stupidity that it has made itself.

  7. “…they’re too ignorant to actually see the opportunity in front of them.”

    Also applies to national Republicans who are either fricken idiots or members of the Deep State Uniparty.

  8. they’re too ignorant to actually see the opportunity in front of them

    The opportunity to cry “We’re doing everything we can! Send us more ‘campaign’ money!” While accomplishing nothing to even slow down what they agree with their fellow rulers (fraternity brothers, club members, business partners) succeeding in doing? I’d call that an opportunity seized. (And monetized, of course.)

  9. Two correct Potty names:
    Dumbicrats and Redumblicans

    BTW gif that is the Demaio from San. Diego, he is a failed political candidate for a lot of public offices. His judgement may bee a little slanted, I did not mention his boyfriend.

  10. The “Republicans” are the CCCP.

    Corrupt, Complicit and Compliant Party.

    See Willard Romney for textbook example.

  11. you won’t hear any progressive californians complaining.

    to them paying high taxes is what patriots do. or so they have said.

  12. I was stationed in LA area 1970 to 1973.
    Gasoline fluctuated from around 25 to 35 cents a gallon and I rented an apartment for around $200 a month including utilities.
    Governor then: Ronald Reagan

  13. NIdahoCatholic, I thought that Willard was just a movie about rats and the Mormon Willard is one of the bigger rats. Jack Benny and Fibber McGee and Molly are the two best comedies on XM’s old time radio channel 148. I always get a good laugh out of both.


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