Some of Blago’s convictions are vacated – IOTW Report

Some of Blago’s convictions are vacated

blago and obama

This is not a big deal. The megalomaniac Democrat who helped destroy Illinois still has to obey the “lights out” command every night.


Story @ MarathonPundit.

7 Comments on Some of Blago’s convictions are vacated

  1. Wish I could say the same for his colon…

  2. he is still guilty of bad hair crimes I hope.
    remember when he wanted to be on the lame reality show “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” ?
    I said then, let him go to Costa Rica to film it and then revoke his passport while he is gone. Problem solved.

  3. The guy’s a goofy, and a leftie, no doubt. But I’m still waiting for a clear explanation of what he supposedly did that was actually illegal.

  4. Myself, I’d rather see the guy standing next to Blago tried, convicted, and incarcerated for crimes against the people.

  5. The man had no convictions – that’s why he went to jail.

  6. Blago may be released, but his hair is in for life without parole.

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