Some Republicans Want To Kick Out Cheney, Kinzinger And Make ‘Shunning’ Official


Republican Reps. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Liz Cheney of Wyoming are serving on the partisan January 6th Commission to “investigate” the events that took place at the U.S. Capitol.

And now, some GOP colleagues are looking to push Cheney and Kinzinger out of the party.

“The reality is, they’re now basically working with and for the Democrats, and so it’d be awkward for them to be sitting in our committee while we talk about policy, put, you know, strategy and how to stop bad policy from the Democrats and advance good policy from us. It’d be really awkward,” Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, chairman of the Freedom Caucus, told the Washington Examiner. more

11 Comments on Some Republicans Want To Kick Out Cheney, Kinzinger And Make ‘Shunning’ Official

  1. Are they sure they want to do that. That would require actual balls, and there is still a possibility for some obscure tax cuts if they let the democrats take over the entire goddamn elections process. Gotta view the problem from all angles, ya know.

  2. Interesting to note that neither of the anal-teurs are “investigating” the paid fear-mongering violent riots and the illegal imprisonments of capitol Americans who, as is being reported worldwide, are cruelly abused and tortured with their families threatened with harm or death by the buttwipe biden’s jailer-accomplices. Openly displays where their fictitious priorities are.

  3. Kick them out. I know actually doing something about traitors would be a new thing for the Republicans, but you gotta start somewhere.

  4. Does McCarthy have the intestinal fortitude to act as the House GOP leader? This could be the first.
    Right now pelosi’s message is Bi-partisan with the two traitors.
    Pull Cheney and Kinzinger, resubmit Jordon, Banks and Biggs to the panel. If pelosi denies the GOP picks, it will eliminate Pelosi crowing about Bi-Partisan commission and the result of the commission.
    Grow a pair, fight the good fight or skewer Pelosi if she denies your choices.

  5. Talk IS cheap!
    The Bush/Rove junta has the power in the GOP. Prima facia evidence of Bush power is leftist RNC Chair!
    Both these Ronny haters are BUSH REpUBLICANS! They know who runs the show.

    And BTW so do the “colleagues”! They will do nothing but talk!

    Like the Bakersfield Bolshevik! He said 3 weeks ago any one going after conservatives would BE PUNISHED. I pointed out 3 weeks ago that the BUSH REPUBLICAN LIZ right away said she was going after conservatives! Kev has not punished her AND IT HAS BEEN 3 WEEKS.


  6. Kick them to the curb. We’ve got plenty of conservatives who can replace them. Destroy their careers. Maybe when they ;eave office they might qualify for a job at WalMart as door greeter.

  7. Why is it only “some” Republicans?
    It should be “ALL” Republicans. These two are working for the enemy in plain sight.
    Bring back the stocks in public squares!

  8. In a just world they would be put to death.
    Traitors to their oaths, traitors to their party, traitors to their nation.
    Thank goodness it isn’t a just world!

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I still get calls from the NRCC. I always stop them mid-speech and ask them if even 1 penny is going to Cheney or Kinziger (and others), and they can never give me a straight answer. I wonder why they keep calling me.

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