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Some States Way Over Represented In “Worst Cities” Ranking

This past week, USA Today released a list of America’s worst cities. While the states of Michigan, Georgia, Alabama and Florida were all well represented, California had, by far, the highest count with 10 making the list.  The top-ranked most awful is central valley’s Mendota. More

Mendota’s officials refute the claim. Here

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  1. I can’t speak for the other states but the ones mentioned for Michigan all have one common demographic. I’d say what it was but somehow it could be misconstrued as racist.🤔

  2. It looks like they are weighing Poverty Rate, vs Median Home Value, heavier than crime rate. I assume they’re trying to establish some bench mark for cost of living thru home pricing. Not sure that works.
    Having said that, for the last 20 years we’ve had Libtard Rulers in this state perfecting their Socialist dream. They’ve chased all the job creators out of here via over regulation and run away taxes. We no longer keep criminals incarcerated. Sometimes we don’t even charge them because the definition of a Felon has been redefined by our overseers. And now the biggest Socialist ever has been appointed to be Governor. What could go wrong. I know a couple of those small towns on that list. Historically they were small quaint little Ag towns.

  3. Mendota is an agricultural community and since the chuckleheads in Sacramento decided to restrict the water supply to farms so the salmon have more room to frolic, they are being strangled. High unemployment, high crime, MS-13, but like most of the central valley, it is red area, an easy target for crap periodicals that turn a blind eye to Chicago, Newark, Detroit and Philli.

  4. They should have included a count of Antifa or BLM gatherings with an extra weighting for riots and violence. Throw in another index for drug OD and deaths, plus a homeless variable and a by weight measure of poop in the streets, then all those crown jewels of leftism would have shown proudly on the list.

  5. @Frank – Michigans a great state with fantastic natural resources to be enjoyed by all. Just have to know where not to go. The problems spots are easily avoided.


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