Something is Wrong with MSNBC

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  1. Does anyone besides Mr. Dice actually pay attention to msnbc?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. MSNBC is a Leftist propaganda organization disguised as a News organization.

    Everyone of normal intelligence knows that. Some support it as being a good and doing the right thing and some oppose it as evil for its twisting of real news into something it isn’t, that’s the issue we deal with.

    Depends which side of our irreconcilably divided country you are on, I suppose.

    But one thing I’m sure of, one of those two sides is going to come to a bad end as the other dominates and conquers it.

  3. Mmmmmmm…….White men (people) are the biggest threat of America….Who in the hell started and built this country in the first place!!! What’s next, go to China and say that Chinese are the biggest treat in that country?

  4. All blacks talking down on white people. When I hear them flipping their pie holes, I get even more uppity, and I double down. 51 were shot in Chicago this past weekend and only 4 deaths…that’s not enough.

  5. You know, this short clip demonstrates to me just how the sheeple on the left are clueless to the reality of our current political landscape. The five minutes of listening to only their words with no substance or proof of what they are saying and why, shows me how they are able to delude those who only listen to them.

    Those people never suspect that there is a different reality. They WILL think that President Trump, and by extension, all of us patriots (and even those who are from the left who are now questioning what they have been told), are the evil monsters the MSM portrays us to be.

    What will make them think for themselves other than those of us who can reach them with the truth? One way is getting our message out on Twitter and Facebook – where these people are. That’s why we need to use what little voice we still have on social media.

  6. Michelle obama in 2020: because she’s a hateful, greedy, racist, trans incompetent corrupt pig.

    The perfect democrat.

  7. I don’t think about hate very often, but when I do it’s usually because of some leftist who brought it to my attention. Hate is on their brain 24/7. They are the party of hate and you know it’s true because they claim everyone else is doing the hate.

    Same applies for racism and sexism and death.

  8. MSNBC – long with a pile of other propaganda outfits – is decidedly working against truth in order to spin the election for the Dem’s.

  9. You’ve seen the word “Gaslighting” used a lot lately. It’s important to understand what it is and to realize this is what the media is doing 24 hours a day.

  10. MSNBC has made a marketing decision to cater to the mentally ill. I guess even they have cash to pay for the products they advertise.

    Disrespecting the majority of the electorate isn’t going to get their looney demonrats elected. This white, male, nationalist conservatives doesn’t waste time paying attention to their tripe.

  11. @Goldenfox:

    The arrogance of the 13% moronic minority! Thanks to liberals the Africans get to yank our chains and get away with it and all because their homeboys sold their ancestors into involuntary servitude for ‘cold hard cash’, elimination of rivals and to empty the country of maladjusted cretins!

  12. Love the Dumbocrat crying about Trump putting family members into his administration. She would have no problem with Kennedy appointing his brother Attorney General.

  13. Would LOVE to see donny douche out in the streets for the cause, ya know. The first loud noise and that little turd would be back in his limo headed for mom’s house.

  14. I accidentally clicked on Larry–I am so tired and need a nap! I’m sorry everybody! MSNBC is full of treasonous bastards as we can all see. I was thinking Warren would be great to run against as she’s so pathetic. Forgive me

  15. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain: Noah Oppenheim, president of NBC.
    Make no mistake about it, MSNBC does nothing without the approval of NBC.


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