Something Smells in Pima County Arizona – IOTW Report

Something Smells in Pima County Arizona

I saw these photos on Twitter-

You see this smiling crunt?

Do you know who she is?

She heads the vote count in Pima County.

After the delay she reported that there were 155k votes yet to be counted.

The voter turnout in Arizona was 62.52%.

Pima County had a 36.33% voter turn out.

A higher percentage of Republicans were invigorated-

Voter Turnout – DEMOCRATIC PARTY 51.11%
Voter Turnout – REPUBLICAN PARTY 57.11%

KATIE HOBBS (Page 4) received 90,350 votes, of which only 3,741 were cast on election day. 86,609 were mail-in or provisional. Roughly 96% of her votes were mailed.

KARI LAKE (Page 12) received 45,677 votes, of which 13,137 were cast on election day. 32,540 were mail-in or provisional. Roughly 29% of her votes were mail-in or provisional.

We always hear that mail-in votes favor the democrats.



People are people. There is no explanation that a democrat should vote by mail almost exclusively as opposed to a republican. There is no human behavioral explanation for this.

The only explanation is——


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  1. “There is no explanation that a democrat should vote by mail almost exclusively as opposed to a republican.”

    Except democrats are, by nature, lazy.

  2. Stupid fucking squaw burns her tribes best interest for what? Acknowledgment for the mentally depraved?
    At this point in time I hope the libtards make a clean sweep in AZ. Lifes so good. These injuns no longer ride ponies. They drive diesel trucks. Reservations are still a hot bed for sex trafficking young women. And none of it gets reported.
    I guess lets check back in two years and see if shits getting real for them.

  3. Kari Lake won the governorship of Arizona, but she might be nudged out by the Guanciale of Pima county….That ought to be a song…..’.GUANCIALE OF PIMA COUNTY’ boom chakalaka boom…

  4. Having recently retired from a gov agency on the border and ‘responding’ to this area, it’s of no surprise coming from a reservation who’s in bed with the drug cartels and utilize their sovereign nation status to allow illegals to stream through their rez. My personal opinion is the higher ups on the “T.O.” are getting kick backs from the cartels … and now this. Probably the same deal except with the Dems.

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  6. I’ve said for decades that there’s been cheating in the elections here in Pima County.
    The city council has been Commie run for as long as I’ve been on earth.

    I can’t stand these people they are same ones who used COVID to shut us down and cripple our city with masks and other ludicrous mandates.
    I don’t know why I bother voting anymore 🤬

    By the way this scum bag is so fat she needs one of those motorized carts to drag her ass around. 😂

  7. @Beachmom November 21, 2022 at 6:27 am

    > They don’t even care that their cheating is obvious.

    Which means…?

    (maf’s ain’t that hard)

  8. I always thought the smell in Pima county was coming from Mexico.
    The celebratory and constant Burning of the Tires Celebration.

  9. They just don’t have any fear of repercussions for good reason. There never are any.

    Thanks for using my Blue Wave Equals Crime Wave artwork. I put those yardsigns everywhere. They all disappeared withing 24 hours or less.

  10. Having been born and raised in PHX, I have always hated those whiney tw@ts from “The Old Pueblo” .. The are especially ill disposed toward PHX because they were once the royalty in AZ, but were shoved aside by PHX 60 years ago. Nowadays, they’re not even the Second City. Mesa is now bigger and Chandler is coming on.

    Anytime the Wildcants from UA get the best of ASU in football, they absolutely lose their shit. When we beat UA, we barely stifle a yawn

    And if they’re not as good, they do their damdest to be the Spoiler. Their proudest moment came when they upset the 1986 11-1 ASU football team and prevented them from being the NCAA champion.

    At ASU, we’d love to return that favor. Too bad UA will never get within sniffing distance of a championship

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