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Something Weird Going on at a Utah School


Middle school students at Mt. Nebo School in Payson Utah held a walk out protest today against unhinged school officials that allow “furries’ to terrorize them at school.

The students report in the video below that the “furries” bite, scratch, and bark at them. The furries also chew on sticks in class and a kitty litter box was set up in the girls restroom for them to use. More

Merriam Webster defines the term as follows: “Furry then was used to designate a person who dresses up in a costume resembling such a character as well as an online user identified by an image of an anthropomorphic animal.”

According to the Nebo School District this is all one big misunderstanding as some students are allowed to come to school dressed with “headbands “that may have ears on them”” and that “These are pretty young kids.” Here

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  1. It’s all just a big “misunderstanding “. Sure it is. And the kids walked out in protest over kids wearing headbands. I’m betting some kids have video evidence on their phones. Make tar and feathers great again.

  2. I’m not particularly religious, but I shit you not… Satan runs western society now. It no longer qualifies as a civilization but more resembles a nascent hellscape in development. It’s gonna get really bad here.

  3. Cynic
    JD Harris is reporting he was never let go due to the death threats on him. Apparently someone leaked his planned release. So they kept him incarcerated for his own safety. I can’t verify he wasn’t cut loose but I do trust Harris. I need a vacation.

  4. “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf.”

    That’s a line from a doc about furries I watched yonks ago, and it always pops up in my head if this topic comes up. Apparently there’s this cultish group of people who watch this sh**, so I’ve been trying to forget I knew about it.

    I’ve been wondering all this time when the furries would get their 15 minutes and the sh** would hit the fan from *that* corner.

    Here we are, I guess.

  5. And “furries” used to be considered a sexual deviance.
    The school admin needs tar, feathers, and being rode out of town on a rail for allowing this, and for punishing those that are trying to defend themselves against this moon barking madness.

  6. “a kitty litter box was set up in the girls restroom”

    Whoever approved this MUST be publicly outed, fired immediately/pension revoked, and banned for life from working in ‘education’ ever again.

    Parents must draw hard lines and relentlessly stay in the face of weaponized local government.


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