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Sony Backs Off Attempt to Screw Over Helldivers 2 Game Boys


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It’s been a tumultuous few days for Helldivers 2, as one of this year’s most beloved runaway hits managed to seemingly undo all of its goodwill and earn the ire of thousands of players in the blink of an eye.

The backlash was sparked last week after it was announced that everyone would soon need to link their Steam account [for PC users] to a PlayStation Network account to continue playing the multiplayer bug-and-bot shooter, leading to 100,000 negative reviews on Steam and the game being pulled from sale completely in over 170 countries where it’s not possible to even create a PSN account. After all the hubbub, Sony has now reversed their decision, confirming that the mandatory account linking will be dropped as a requirement. More

Podcast of the Lotus Eaters has taken notice of the “Helldivers Revolt.” Here

Official Trailer for Helldivers 2. Watch

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I walked in somewhere and saw a pinball machine.
    The last one I played was ten cents a game or three for a quarter.
    I’m old!

  2. I never heard of the game until a few weeks ago. I watched the Habibi Brothers playing it on Rumble and they had me cracking up.

    Those boys are not safe for work, if you go looking for them. lol

    Why are all these games ‘at night’? Even Mortal Kombat had ‘day’ scenes.

  3. Uncle Al, yes, it’s a quote from one of his characters.

    I thought it was quite funny coming from him.

    I bring it up every time there is a video game thread so he catches more flak.

  4. @Erik — Heh! Keep up the good work!

    I bumped into him a few years ago. We both happened to be in a nice botanical garden; me as a volunteer, him as a visitor. He’s a dickbrain in his public persona, and he’s a dickbrain in private, too. And, yes, I was polite. He wasn’t.


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