Soros-funded Marxist coalition ATHENA formed to hijack Amazon

RAIR Foundation USA: The New York Times forgot to mention in their recent gushing report that the coalition known as Athena, formed to hijack Amazon, is heavily associated with communists from America’s largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and infested with Marxists from the secretive, but highly influential Liberation Road, formerly known as the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

To understand Athena, one must understand their predecessor, “United for Respect,” which was formed by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) to co-opt Walmart. Walmart has been successfully resisting relentless efforts to unionize by the salivating UFCW and their allies for decades. The massive infusion of cash in the form of union dues by Walmart’s 2.2 million associates makes it worth the effort.

In June 2011, The New York Times reported that the anti-Walmart United for Respect received “a sizable sum” from UFCW, which “has also paid hundreds of its members to go door to door to urge Wal-Mart workers to join the group.” Additionally, United for Respect received funding from “a consulting firm long associated with David Axelrod, President Obama’s top political strategist.” read more

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  1. Soros should have ‘committed suicide’ a long time ago. But the swamp hacks at THE CIA are probably in league with him.

    We are at war, my friends.

  2. One wonders if this was AOC’s (handlers) strategy on turning down

    Amazon’s NYC Project?

    Look at each and everyone of Them…None resemble the Soviet Era

    Men and Women from the Propaganda Posters…They look like


  3. “and working conditions in warehouses”

    That’s as far as I had to read to know they are communist agitators. That’s the go-to “cause” for such organizations. “We’re doing it for the poor, down-trodden workers!”

    You know what? If you don’t like the working conditions in a warehouse, you probably should have paid more attention in school. Fuck off.

  4. Snooze and you lose.

    We’ve been snoozing for the past couple of decades: just look who we trusted with OUR GOP.

    Snooze no more, my friends: these swamp impeachment attempts are our Pearl Harbor. Respond accordingly.

  5. Soros and his sons have reached the point where they need to be disappeared in order for the republic to survive. Maybe they can be dropped off on an island someplace with Gilligan (Joe Biden) the Skipper to (Adam Schiff), the Millionaire (Soros) and his wife (Ruth Bader Ginzberg), the Movie Star (Nancy Pelosi), the Professor (Michael Mann) and MaryAnn (Alexndria Ocasio-Cortez) there on Gilligans island. And they were never heard from again.

  6. Democratic Socialists of America is one hell of an oxymoron. And it figures that they’re associated with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. UFCW which is one of the most worthless unions out there unless you’re a democrap moron.


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