New GOP ad: Stop The Madness

9 Comments on New GOP ad: Stop The Madness

  1. They are trying to overthrow do you like the government of the United States, that is the very definition of treason. Every Democrat in the house is a co-conspirator.

  2. Trust the GOP? Maybe. But verify – daily.

    They’ll stab us in the back at first opportunity. Give only to individual candidates or trusted conservatives.

  3. I sent this to EVERYONE!!!!

    Like Japanese Admiral Yamamoto is alleged to have said after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (78 years ago tomorrow), I am afraid we have awoken a sleeping giant.
    Pelosi and her evil henchcritters are about to be cast into oblivion.
    Her flying monkey street thug Occupy/Black Li es/Antifa are about to get the business end of stuff soon.
    Sleeping giant is slow to agitation from gnats.

    Not saying it will happen. Ain’t egging it on. Just saying.


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