The C-word was invented for Pam Karlan

Patriot Retort: I rarely if ever use the C-word.  That’s in part because it is so often deployed by Leftist men against gals like me.  I’ve been called the C-word so many times, it’s lost all meaning for me.

Like “racist,” overuse of the C-word saps it of its meaning.

Besides, there are so many wonderful words in the English language that work just as well.

Battle-ax, crone, fishwife, harpy, shrew, hag, scold – the beauty of the King’s English is its endless possibilities.  Why put all your rhetorical eggs in the C-word basket?

But every now and then a woman comes along that makes you say, “Now THAT hag is a see-you-en-tee!”

And yesterday America was introduced to such a hag, Stanford professor Pam Karlan.  The C-word was invented for just such a shrew.

I don’t know why Jerry Nadler thought this bitter, angry fishwife would make a good impeachment “witness.”  You’d have to live inside the DC bubble to think leaving your impeachment dreams in the hands of Trump-deranged Angry BroadTM was a good idea.

“Say, those screaming harpies who crashed the Kavanaugh hearings were so terrific, let’s get one of them to testify in our impeachment inquiry!”

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24 Comments on The C-word was invented for Pam Karlan

  1. The difficulty in calling that waste of skin a CUNT is that even if the physical exam concluded it to be “female,” there isn’t a vile enough adjective to describe or label that being. Although I suppose it is currently succeeding as a life support system for a CUNT.

    And many out there like her…
    And I mean the above in the most friendly customer service way…
    Perhaps we could introduce her to some nice Persian man.
    (Someone like that college educated gentleman in the previous thread)

  2. Confused? Confounded? Confabulated? Constipated? Colonic? Castrated? Chuffed? Cadaverous? Crazy? Chippy? Commie? Classless? Cheap? Copulated? Craven? Carrion?

    No, none of them suitably describe this miserable bitch. Only that other C-word fits this snarky, bisexual, Jewish woman pretending to be an expert on the Constitution of the United States of America.

  3. “bisexual”??

    In order to be bisexual, a man has to be willing to sleep with you. No ‘man’ would sleep with this thing, no matter how drunk or high he was.

    Sorry then, NOT bisexual.

  4. Doesn’t Condoleeza Rice serve on the faculty of Stanford University? I wonder what she thinks of this hag.

  5. Mark VII Ltd: I believe that the professor self-describes as bi-sexual to broaden her appeal. It doesn’t seem to be working, because none of her fanciful male lovers have been outed since she jumped that fence years ago. And, high school boyfriends and back seat fumblers and college kids trying to get to first base definitely do not count. If woman wants to prove her bi-sexual bonafides, Congressman Jerome Nadler is definitely available and probably very interested.

  6. “I don’t know why Jerry Nadler thought this bitter, angry fishwife would make a good impeachment “witness.” ”

    This is who the leftists are. They’re not pretending.

  7. Marxist Demonrats are so unbelievably ugly, inside and out. The men are little weak ass skinny pussies, and the women are just horrendously nasty inside and out.

    It’s kinda sad really but that’s what happens when you worship Satan, look at the baby killing Lizard Queen, her dark soul is horrifying.

    It’s no coincidence that most LEO’s and Veterans are either libertarians or conservatives. A cult run by satanic feminazi haters does not appeal to warriors of either gender.

  8. When I was a baby toof, the term CVNT was a term of sexy endearment, a compliment actually. “Wow, that tall blonde is a real cvnt!”

    But then “gay” meant happy and fun-loving.

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