Sorry? St. Louis prosecutor claims failures to release Greitens case records were ‘mistakes’

Just the News-

A Missouri appeals court panel on Tuesday heard oral arguments in Just the News CEO John Solomon’s attempt to acquire documents from St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office under so-called “Sunshine Laws” that legally entitle journalists access to government records.

The court proceeding follows an appeal by Gardner’s office of a ruling by St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Christopher McCraugh that records pertaining to a 2018 investigation should be released to Solomon.

The veteran investigative reporter initially filed the records request in mid-2019, seeking correspondence between Gardner’s office and billionaire political donor George Soros, two former state representatives, and Missouri Times Publisher Scott Faugh, among others — all while the office was investigating then-Missouri GOP Gov. Eric Greitens.

Despite the state’s Sunshine Law, the records were not produced, prompting Solomon to file suit in January 2020.

Dave Roland, an attorney for the plaintiff and director of litigation at the Freedom Center of Missouri, said that “over the intervening nine months (between the request and the filing of the suit), the circuit attorney had four concrete, unambiguous deadlines by which the office was required to file documents with the court … and the office ignored every single one.” more

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  1. Black female politicians must do a really good job of representing the integrity of the race, because you sure don’t hear any black voters complaining about them.

  2. @ RadioMattM SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 AT 2:26 PM

    “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

    I have often wondered: Is that dynamic part of the Deep State mining the population to determine who they can trust to be a part of Team Atrocities?

  3. Seeing as how her “people” say that math classes that demand 2+2=4 are racist, is it any wonder how this bint graduated from law school and passed her Bar exam?

    White privilege… no, no, wait….uh, nevermind.

  4. So why didn’t the judge charge Kim Gardener with contempt of court? That was a rhetorical question; we all know the answer.

  5. Take long lingering look at the likes of Maxine, Shiela J and that gap-toothed train wreck in AL, for starters, and one begins to see where a lot of the problem lies.


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