Newsom ‘Wins’ Conservative Orange County 52.6% – 47.4% ?

Gateway Pundit: California Governor Gavin Newsom survived the rigged recall election on Tuesday.

Of course he did.

There was plenty of opportunity for rampant fraud because there is no chain of custody with ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes and printing ballots from home.

351,000 “Yes” votes disappeared from totals in the recall election live on CNN.

No serious person even considers this an election.

More than 30% of the people who signed the petition to recall Newsom were Independents and Democrats, but he won the recall in a ‘landslide.’ MORE

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  1. According to who? Because they were telling tons of R’s that they already voted when they showed up to vote in person. They allowed ballot harvesting and also allowed them to print their own ballots at home, too. Dead people got multiple ballots sent to their houses. Ashli Babbit had 3 in her name sent to her house.

  2. Conversations overheard in line at a polling station of a friend in Southern CA-

    “I’m not a Democrat, and I didn’t vote yet”

    “No I didn’t vote yet”

    “I got 4 ballots in the mail, which ones should I use?”

  3. All Too Much- I understand what you’re saying. But you’re assuming they were all correctly tallied by party. Even if a lot of the R’s didn’t show- As in their party wasn’t switched by the machines and the county when they showed up, As it happened in the 2020 election- That, including the other fraud of hiding or tossing the mail-in R ballots that were sent in before the deadline will show a skewed number.

    Shit, if CNN broadcasted votes being removed live, who is to say less R’s voted?

  4. I get it, some R’s stayed home. Of course. That happens in every election. But I’m not gonna count on Newsom won just because some R’s stayed home. Especially when the d’s voted against him, too.

    And the fact that Larry Elder just shrugged it off and went home is pathetic.

  5. Anyway, nothing will be done about California because the people who live there accepted the fraud back before 2016. So did Elder. So, there’s no fight there.

  6. “who live there accepted the fraud back before 2016”

    We suspected it. Couldn’t prove it. If it wasn’t for the massive fraud during the Trump fiasco we probably still would be in the dark. They are good at it and it’s dynamic. Part of the problem is Conservatives would never think of cheating like that. We tend to like fair competition. We all better wake the F up fast.

  7. “Part of the problem is Conservatives would never think of cheating like that”

    That’s what I mean about ‘accepting fraud’.
    They didn’t even have to cheat. They just had to expose it. But they didn’t. Who is in Nunes’ district? Issa? McCarthy? None of them took up the issue. It’s a Georgia and AZ problem on a larger scale.

    Anonymous is right. You ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Newsom is a fucking moody prick. Y’all are gonna pay.
    If you aim for the king, you best not miss.

  8. Anyone who thinks ‘voting’ is on the level is either a pollyanna or a fool. Voting no longer counts; tyranny is here. #dayoftherope.

  9. “Anonymous is right. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

    He’s already running his mouth. The little bitch just went thru a recall election and he thinks he has a mandate? What a fucking moron. Northern Counties will NOT participate.

  10. Last month Elder said ‘Biden won the election fair and square.'”. He could have pointed out the audits, the irregularities, the mail in ballot issues with chain of custody / verification and made a campaign issue out of election integrity but instead he fell into the trap they set and he said the easy talking point to avoid criticism and he set himself up to be steam rolled. It was all over when he rolled over and we won’t have anywhere near a fair election until people stand up and demand them including those running.

  11. To all true Americans living in California, (who post on this site and others) GET THE F–K OUT.
    I know many of you were born there and the state is absolutely beautiful, but there comes a time when you have to pull up stakes and move to another area that accepts you, where you can live your life, keep your sanity and where your vote counts.
    I feel for you, I truly do.

    A woman who marries a movie-star looking husband that beats her and never leaves him doesn’t get much sympathy from me.


  12. “To all true Americans living in California, (who post on this site and others) GET THE F–K OUT.”

    That’s a lot easier said then done.

  13. I imagine that the call for some counties in Demofornia to secede from the state and either join with another or to form their own state will increase greatly. They know that the Dems controlling the state will be able to do all they want from now on and no one, especially the official GOP, will be able to stop them.

  14. @Brad – I understand. But at some point you have to consider you and your family’s mental well being. Gnashing your teeth all day because of BS from Sacramento or what happened yesterday can’t be good for you (or your teeth).

  15. govlawyer

    If that’s the same anon as the one from Wyoming I was going to encourage him to get a screen name and join the party. He/her/they do a good job contributing. Be nice to know who you’re conversing with.

  16. There were actually two other candidates on the ballot that I would have preferred over Elder. I voted for Elder because he had the momentum.

  17. F4UCorsair

    Thanks bud. Northern California is not to bad. You’re still subjected to out of control taxation, but most people are conservatives here. Our particular problem is we have a machine shop to move too. And down time would need to be minimal. I get a migraine just thinking about it.

  18. You want a recount? Sure, since I’m the one doing the counting, my pleasure…

    (Brief electronic humming)

    here, I’ll do it again!


    Now watch me do it backwards!



    …want another recount? Sure, as long as you’re paying for it, I can do this all day or until you get a clue, whichever comes first…

  19. DavidW
    SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 AT 2:59 PM
    “…the Dems controlling the state will be able to do all they want from now on and no one, especially the official GOP, will be able to stop them.”

    Sorry, were we supposed to be doing something? We were too busy catering Newsome’s victory party to worry about the (heh) “election”…

  20. Of course the ballot box failed!
    The soap box prevails….
    What was third box again?
    I hope it gets some quality use!

  21. @ MJA SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 AT 1:51 PM

    The fact that Larry Elder just shrugged it off and went home is a function of him knowing that the Republican establishment are in cahoots with their friends across the aisle and he will be a lone wolf howling in the wilderness. The GOPe media has been mocking him for the last month here in western Washington, not only in the top and bottom of the hour news on both of the Seattle “conservative” stations, but sprinkled throughout the content of the various shows. Given the scant amount of time I spend listening to these charlatans I would guess that this is what goes on all day therein.

  22. Uhhhhhhhhh Gavin?

    Your side can’t get away with ELECTION FRAUD anymore. LOOK GAVIN! Here comes a pillow maker with a team of tech geniuses and a cool Jew with a forensic audit! 🤣

  23. Brad,

    It has been said that where there’s a will there’s a way. The time has come for you to find a way out of California for your own mental health and for the mental health of your family. Nobody says it’s going to be easy, but you better do something before you can’t.

  24. Now that they’ve been “vindicated” (even though we know they cheated, again), look for more boot on neck social destruction.
    More gun confiscation?
    Might as well, chickenshit motherfuckers aren’t using them for their intended purposes anyway.

  25. … & you still think the repugnicans are going to win the mid-terms?

    seriously, I got some ocean-front property to sell ya in Arizona
    … & I’ll kick in that bridge in NYC

  26. Typical fraud and tampering by common lowlifes who shouldn’t complain when labeled as society’s rejects and failures.

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