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  1. I always thought Norm was a funny guy, but until last last, after watching an hour or so of his videos did I realize I didn’t appreciate him near as much as I should have.

  2. Good video.

    However, it says Norm is in Santa Monica but 5hey use the LA City Hall as the background. That is miles away from Santa Monica. We all know those are backdrops, but couldn’t they make it a little more accurate?

  3. I also watched a lot of Norm in the last 24 hours. Man he was a real gem. Miss him.

    Isn’t the same planet without him.

  4. Just so you all know, the Reporter is Joyce Napier of CTV. (independent but got $$$ from Turdeau to “Combat internetcompetition”

    Joyce is Married to Norm’s BROTHER who is also a reporter for the CBC (THE state broadcaster). (It is STATE FUNDED.)

    She generally has a left of centre tone, is critical of Trump and was looking for more criticism of DJT by Norm, which he did not deliver.

    In one interview Norm says, “Bye Joyce, Love you”. Quite possible this one.

    NORM was VERY GOOD a comedian and had is OWN OPPINIONS. I respect him know Damned Well that he, like any REAL comedian, can not stand Cancel Culture. He dealt with his illness privately which is VERY TOUGH.

    Cheers Norm, With a Tim Horton’s Coffee this time, since you quit drinking!


  5. Norm was a brilliant comedian and definitely one of a kind. This one really hit me hard. Huge fan like forever!
    Grew up watching Norm.
    A Comedy GENIUS.
    Here’s to you Turd Furgison!

  6. Norm once said of his Burt Reynolds impression on the SNL Jeopardy that they were supposed to do an episode where the real Burt Reynolds would be in the audience. Burt would be pissed that Norm is portraying him as dumb, and would jump on stage to punch Norm out. Then, the real Burt would continue and prove to be even dumber. But, it wasn’t to be because Norm was fired. Would have been hilarious, though. Norm was a gem.

  7. Was sorry to hear the passing of Norm, 😢 took a break from the news for a bit.

    RIP you will be truly missed. 🕊️❤️🙏

  8. I have watched a lot of Norm McDonald on Youtube over the last two years. He and Mark Styen are my favorite Canadians. I loved the way he stuck it to O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson and Hillary Clinton. RIP Norm!


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