SOTU Open Thread

If you’re watching, drop your comments here.

Even if you’re not, this is a good thread for catharsis.

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  1. I second Menderman. Around here barry’s first name is F U. I haven’t believed a damned word he’s said about anything since he’s become the presidunce and nothing he can say now will change my mind.

  2. My dad just said, ” Guess I’ll watch that bastard shoot his mouth off for an hour.” That about sums it up.

    I’ll be following along here via everyone’s comments.

  3. Ryan didn’t applaud gay marriage.
    Tough decision for the closet progressive.

    (Did I just say, “closet”??)
    He’s not hiding it.

    Look at him not applaud anything, yet he votes for it.

  4. Yes, the economy is changing from private money based to public money based – which, for any thinking person, scares the shit out of them.

  5. I am hoping and praying that sometime in the near future I will forever forget the sound of that man’s voice. I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding hearing anything he’s said in the last 7 years.

  6. There is nothing to prove those children are his. Like everything else about his past, they just appeared. Everything is a façade to deceive. Nothing is real, including him and Mooch and the darling daughters.

  7. I’m flipping around the channels on my XM radio, currently listening to Like a rolling stone by Bob Dylan on XM’s 60’s channel and going back and forth to XM 27 the deep tracks channel..

  8. Hate to say it but the First Sasquatch looks very presentable. Just goes to show what a good razor, Nair and pancake make up can do.

  9. I can’t watch because it’s not fair to our feral ranch cat. When she hears his voice, she instinctively starts trying to cover up crap in the dirt, but it isn’t there. It’s just the voice. Wait, maybe that’s me and not the cat. I can still blame the cat, can’t I?

  10. I’m not watching or listening.

    I figured I’d have to hurl if I heard: “that’s not who we are” or “it’s the right thing to do” effluent from his jug eared framed face.

    What’s the – I, my, mine, count? On pace to set a new record?

    However, reading the run up, I did think it was a nice touch that he was going to have Clint Eastwood’s empty chair at the event. As a reminder of the emptiness of his time in the WH.

  11. The Joint Chiefs of Staff just went into a catatonic state after Barry said something about our enemies not being a problem.

  12. Okay, I’ve heard all I can take. If anyone still has any doubts this guy is living in a self delusional fantasy world, tonight should throughly put that to rest.

  13. I’m lucky. I have never heard him speak. I stopped listening to tv and the radio.
    I can’t stand communists and people who hate my country. This is the biggist
    Mistake people have ever made.

  14. Now I’m watching, “Deliverance,” and they just got the, “squeal piggy,” part and I thought for a moment that I had accidently turned on the SOTU.

  15. I must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I’m cured and snapped out of it – thanks for the intervention.

  16. “We need to make it easier to vote those who are in office again!” These are “changes”! “Of, By and for the people, what I’m suggesting is hard!”
    Fuck you, Obama!

  17. Moonshiners is on the Discovery channel. I’d rather watch josh and Bill and Jim tom and the rest of the redneck ne’er do wells make illegal booze than watch barry. Hell’ even Jim Tom is smarter than barry, maybe not Tickle or Chico though.

  18. He will have a whole new wardrobe in Sept/Oct (maybe over the summer) when he incites the cities to burn and negates the elections.

  19. Well I was at work half way through. Jumped in the truck to head home and heard, Small Biz opportunity, great leaders for community, give back to their employees, community and STOCK HOLDERS! I don’t know many small businesses that have stock holders.

  20. Michelle Malkin’s jaw hit the ground when she heard Obama talking about “divisiveness because of who you vote for must end.”

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IRS!!!!

  21. Nikki Haley is speaking. And speaking truth. But what the hell is that “fan” sound behind her? And Why the hell can she not have a podium? She is a Governor FFS!

  22. Calling that dope that shot up the church “a terrorist” is a ridiculous stretch and Haley shouldn’t have said it.
    What was his political cause?

    He wasn’t part of any group.

  23. My Mom’s friend on Facebook was asked if he was going to watch Obama tonight and he wrote:

    “I’d rather masturbate with a cheese grater.”

  24. Me? I’m watching Red vs Blue and the unedited speech from her majesty, the Queen of England. Here it is: Queens’ message – to me, this had more of an impact than the Polynesian Coconut himself! Now i’m off to get some battering littel tiddlers from Popes Fish & Chips Shop in SW1A 1AA!

  25. It’s official. He never mentioned the two captured boats and the ten captured sailors in the Persian Gulf, by our friends the Iranians. If they are already released he would have mentioned it. I assume they are still in captivity.

    What a POS! Over and out for the night.

  26. My only heartburn with Nikki is how she handled the wacko shooting by removing the Confederate flag from the memorial at the Capital.

    I’ve been to that site and have seen the iron stars on the building denoting shots fired during the Civil War. The Capital was fired upon but withstood the attack.

    She caved to the PC crowd.

  27. I am so proud of all y’all who took time out of your evening to watch this. I have not seen one of his speeches since he was elected. I saw no reason because I could write them for him. I would never judge him by his words, but I do to his actions. I hope you got something out of it. Maybe your blood pressure was low and now it is normal. Maybe you were waiting for a coat of plaster to dry. And maybe you thought he would turn the corner and be a real American for once and admit he was wrong about a great many things and would make amends. NFW.

  28. Boring, and a pack of lies. He stood up there and talked about how no nation would dare attack us, and Iran just confiscated two of our Navy boats, and 10 personnel are prisoners. Yeah, they’re really scared of us.

  29. They say Donald Trump’s speeches are disjointed.
    That was one of THE WORST SOTU addresses I’ve ever heard. Pretty much reflects on Obama’s crappy tenure.

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