Sounds like Anger Management problems to me

Scary little Greta has absolutely no self control.

Patriot Retort: After Time Magazine announced that this year’s “Person of the Year” was the troubled teen from Sweden, President Trump tweeted that Greta should work on her anger management problem.

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  1. Bullied her? She should be in a strait waistcoat, being fed raw frogs with a slingshot. In a small rubber room.

  2. Why can’t they just make kids be kids? I agree with our President, she’s an angry little girl and the so called adults are using an angry child who knows nothing about life as a shield for them.

    My daughter said they should make her pick up cans, which is a family joke. She became all concerned with saving the planet at a young age, her save the planet though was overnight becoming an expert on recycling that we weren’t doing. So we did what any good parents would do and we encouraged her to really save the planet and followed along behind her on the back roads while she picked up all the cans in the ditch to recycle. As a bonus we told her she could sell the cans to be recycled and keep the money. After a week of picking up cans we took her to the recycling center. She thought she was going to have all this money for being a good little save the planet girl. After receiving her few dollars, she decided someone else could save the planet, not much fun picking up nasty cans and almost no money to be made, plus as she said those bag ladies needed the money worse than her. lol

  3. “Leave her alone, she has autism and is just a kid.”
    So did/was Nicolas Cruz, they handled him with kid gloves, how did that turn out?

  4. I give her the benefit of the doubt on the translation.
    But I will remember she said it, and watch her more closely in the future

  5. It’s funny how they push Greta out on the stage as the front woman for their bullshit global warming campaign, and then complain about it when someone hits back at her. Reminds me of the Girl scout scene in Dodge Ball.

  6. First was Global Warming, then the phrase name changed to Climate Change. But now those tired names are no longer scary enough. Madrid COP25 is floating several new scarier names to trick more people into becoming believers.

    Geez, they are trying to manage a lot more people into a state of Anger.

    “..The big move at COP25 is to rebrand (read change) the name of Climate Change, which long ago reached the dizzy heights of household word status…
    “The terms “Global Meltdown” or “Global Melting,” for instance, deliver a more negative image than mere “Global Warming,” …
    “Climate Collapse” and “Climate Chaos,” on the other hand, “instill a clear message or even a direct call to action,…“To up the rhetoric even more, Hall proposes the weaponized term “Scorched Earth.”
    “Sometimes a brand name needs to be hyperbolic to truly capture hearts and minds…” .

  7. Then arrogance and entitlement of Swedish females is hilarious these days. Basically, Greta is furious that we didn’t have the world in perfect condition before bringing her into it. How dare us?! Even Swedish female embryos are thinking; “You’d better have it right or I’m going to be very, very upset with you.”

  8. With all the muzzie problems in Sweden lately she’s running scared,doesnt want some muzzie “touching” her.🤔😣

  9. People who live off the largess of others do not deserve a public platform to criticize everyone else. She should be met with rotten tomatoes and eggs.


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