Source- Flynn was set up, was a total fraud, will be completely exonerated

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Just The News:

Flynn attorney seeks immediate dismissal, saying new evidence shows Trump adviser was ‘framed’

“The government has deliberately suppressed this evidence from the inception of this prosecution – knowing there was no crime by Mr. Flynn,” the attorneys also wrote in Friday’s filings. “All this new evidence, and the government has advised there is more to come, proves that the crimes were committed by the FBI officials and then the prosecutors. The government’s misconduct in this case is beyond shocking and reprehensible. It mandates dismissal.” 


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  1. Okay when does the REAL party start!

    It would be great POTUS to announce him from that side door and for him to show up at the next WhuFlu news conference and everyones ugly mug in the press corp, especially that communist Jon Karl, go WHITE. Real real WHITE.

  2. I’m sure the judge presiding over that case will get his mug slapped on the front page of the New York Times… no?



  3. “….. will be completely exonerated”

    Then turn around and sue the shit out of the ‘government’.

  4. If he is exonerated, I would like Trump to offer him the job of Chief Ass Kicker. If he says you’re fired, you not only clean out your desk, you also crap your pants and go crying home to mommy.

  5. I predict PRESIDENT Trump is going to be running rings more than usual around the media the next few weeks with his righteous actions that they won’t have time to catch their breath!

  6. Among his duties with a few huge assistants would be to bring order and respect to news events.

    The 82nd Airborne is a big source of volunteers.

  7. Extirpates, I’m envisioning a big strapping Army drill sergeant walking up to a yapping little dog (Acosta) who was told by President Trump to sit down and stop talking. As Acosta looks up into the face of the very intimidating and unsmiling face of authoritarianism, little Jim puts on the best fake bluster he can conjure up. The drill sergeant says three words, “Stop talking NOW”. Acosta wets his pants and sits down.

    The cheering of everyone watching from home is heard throughout the land.

  8. Good news and a long time coming! Heads better roll over this travesty since we know precisely who perpetrated it.

  9. Hey C,
    Was just telling Mary Hatch that, if…IF this man went to jail??

    The 82nd, new and old gaurd, would have done a rescue operation, again IF, that would that were to happen.

    Them and some other devout patriots: SEALS, Rangers former spooks (ssssshhh), they would never EVER let this injustice happen.

    I shudder to think of that scenario so it would appear ‘for now’ CW 2.0 is averted and I don’t like talking about that! But it’s stuff like that builds and builds and builds.

    You posted a thread about the Crusades a couple of days ago? Well, this might sound NUTS but I have to wonder if there is this ‘protective force’, that only if necessary, would be UNLEASHED at the ‘correct time’ that would protect such awful injustices and the trampling of the Constitution and Patriotism.

    @extirpates – Sounds effing NUTS right??? Are your former 82nd??


  10. Tsunami, I’m not familiar with the show or the sources. But I’m damn sure on board with the storyline.

  11. @JayPee – he only will, IF you think he was the actual author of the ‘Mueller’ Report. Remember his performance on stage in Congress???

    Andrew Weisman et al are the true conspirators and traitors.

    It was called the MR so they could distance themselves from it at the same time…yeah, cunning.

  12. Not only should Gen. Flynn be made whole and the damned government sued, his original attorneys who stripped him of his savings and sold him down the river should be disbarred, forced to repay him every cent and possibly be imprisoned for fraud. And the crooked agents ALL should be sent to share cells with Big Bubba and his pals.

  13. “Which office do I go to get my reputation back?”
    -Raymond Donovan

    …the devil is not creative, he only repeats. Democrats hated Reagan too, so they made up crap about his Secretary of Labor being a mafiosi. Then, as now, they had nothing. Then, as now, it was only to get to a Republican President they hated, because he was not a Democrat.

    Then, as now, they ruined a man for no damn reason at all.

    …and then, as now, they got a strongly worded letter saying “Don’t do it again…”

    …honestly, if you TOLERATE treason, you can’t be surprised when the traitors take their shot again….and again…and again…

    …until someone hangs by the neck for this for all to see, they WILL NOT STOP.

    The devil may not be CREATIVE, but he sure is PERSISTENT…


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