Soy Boy reporter says music volume at Trump rallies is dangerous

The twerp just happened to have a decibel meter.


It would seem DiPaola’s sensitive ears have never been graced with a rock concert. The current record holder for the loudest band on record is Manowar, which registered an earsplitting 139 decibels at a German concert in 2009. Other notably loud bands include The Rolling Stones, KISS, The Who, Motorhead, and AC/DC.

For more perspective, the same website chronicling the loudest bands notes that the noise made from fans of the University of Kansas’ Jayhawks beat out Motorhead and AC/DC, reaching 130.4 decibels.

Still, the Kansas sports fans have nothing on fans of the Seattle Seahawks, who managed to clock in at an impressive 137.6 decibels in Century Link Field, making them the loudest group of sports fans on record.

In other words, DiPaola has apparently not only never attended a concert, but has yet to experience live sporting events. His delicate ears just cannot take the pain.


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37 Comments on Soy Boy reporter says music volume at Trump rallies is dangerous

  1. After being at a Trump rally in Vegas I can officially declare this to be fake news.
    I’m sure Joe6 will back me up.

    I was thinking that President Trump should actually do encores.
    Don’t bring up the house lights or start “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” just exit for two minutes while audience screams for more Trump! 🙂

  2. ‘There are to many people at Trump rallies & they stand to close to each other, one of them breathed on me’
    ~mj d’paola

  3. 80ish dBs

    Jet Engines Quantified. When it comes to quantifying the noise level associated with jet engines, experts offer a range: 120 to 140 decibels. For comparison, both normal conversation and playing a piano produce 60- to 70-decibel sounds, while amplified music at a concert can exceed 120 decibels.

    Every sound has a level in decibels that relates its loudness. For example, a hair dryer can be about 53 decibels dB(A) while a chainsaw from three feet away is about 117 dB(A). Meanwhile, a B-52 subwoofer enclosure is divided into 3 separate compartments. The front chamber holds the drivers and the rear and lower chambers house all of the system’s electronics and the big bassass points out back.


  4. Oooo LOOK AT ME!

    The liberals are always trying to find new and different angles to claim “racism” and criticizing Trump. Now one of his HUUUGE football spiking rallies, they are bringing out the decibel meters.

    Well, when you are out of power, that’s all you got left…

  5. I’m not sure measuring decibels prove a thing. My ears are bleeding from just reading his whine.

  6. Take yours and boyfriend’s butt-plugs out of your asses and stick them in your ears next time.

  7. “Volume hovering around 90-100dBs now …….. ”

    Almost high enough to cover up the sound of firing most silenced (suppressed) weapons.

  8. Yeah, packed stadiums do tend to get lout don’t they. What does he think that was, a Beto rally? And if it wasn’t loud, he’d surely complain he couldn’t hear people talking.

  9. His Twitter profile end with “Please hire me.” Pure attention whoring for clicks. What a crybaby.

  10. Cheap meter from Amazon.
    Cost 17 bucks.I have one like it.Not very accurate.
    Decibels are logarithmic and based on
    the non-linear psychoacoustics of
    the human ear.

  11. 2 things……1- I have a db meter app on my phone (it’s accurate, I checked). 2- The 1974 GBWR listed the loudest (outdoor) performance as being by “The Who” @ 150 dbs.

  12. Loudest band I ever heard was Styx.

    Not sure why I saw them twice. My ears rang for two days both times.

  13. I sat all the way in the back at a 4 hour Dead show in 1974 when they had the wall of sound. My ears are still ringing, what’s his point?

  14. Even when ya got nuthin, ya still gotta write about somethin.
    So you make up some shit, throw it out there, and hope it sticks.

    How many photons and electrons died to move this drivel across the space-time continuum?

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. This guy is the crank who calls the cops on his neighbor at 10:30 pm on the 4th of July.

    Hey Marcus, it’s not our fault that all the other candidates’ rallies are sensory deprivation chambers.

  16. The Chiefs game measured 142.2 this past January. Arrowhead is the loudest stadium in the Nat’l Felons League. This pansy could never ride in the car with my kids and me. It would hurt his delicate little eardrums.

  17. Oh yeah…Marcus, when they do their big scream at Trump’s second inauguration, be sure to bring your meter.

  18. You want loud, try working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier during full flight ops. Even with the Mickey Mouse noise suppressers (we called them that because they looked like Mickey Mouse ears) and ear plugs I still have some permanent hearing damage 45 years later.

  19. If he had to attend as an assignment from his employer maybe he should file a workers compensation claim stating it was so loud it hurt his VAGINA!

  20. He has never been to a Disaster Area concert (HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy):

    “Disaster Area was a plutonium rock band from the Gagrakacka Mind Zones and was generally regarded as not only the loudest rock band in the Galaxy, but also as being the loudest noise of any kind at all. Regular concert goers judged that the best sound balance was usually to be heard from within large concrete bunkers some thirty-seven miles away from the stage, whilst the musicians themselves played their instruments by remote control from within a heavily insulated spaceship which stayed in orbit around the planet – or more frequently around a completely different planet.”

  21. And always remember the number 42 Claudia and that the mice actually control the Universe. Maybe that’s where they got the idea for The Brain from Pinky and the Brain. I loved The Brain with his Orson Wells voice, it was the best.

  22. He’s never been around any heavy military gear and vehicles, has he? (/s)
    Diesel engines w/ turbos, especially tanks. 60KW generators. Aircraft of any kind. Any artillery or cannons.
    What a Special Snowflake.

  23. Maybe for perspective he could stand by the 16” guns on the USS Missouri when they are fired. For full effect he could stand in front of the muzzle.


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