Speaker of the House…Marcia Fudge?

Never Nancy House democrats have reportedly been trying to recruit Ohio’s 11th congressional district representative, Marcia Fudge to run for speaker. The congresswoman has stated that the prospect of challenging former speaker Nancy Pelosi is “at the very beginning of this process. It is just in discussion at this point.”

Fudge was just elected to her her 5th term serving a predominately black district that includes parts of Cleveland and Akron. Most recently, she served as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. In an otherwise undistinguished congressional career, Fudge has severed on two agriculture subcommittees and the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics.

If she were to seek the Speaker’s job, Fudge says her legislative priorities would include fighting student loan debt, making sure people with preexisting medical conditions can get health insurance, and making infrastructure improvements that would help create better paying jobs.  More


19 Comments on Speaker of the House…Marcia Fudge?

  1. It’d be bad news if She got it…..Just like the Donger..

    any criticism and You’re labeled a RAYCISS!!

    It would be a brilliant move on the DNC’s part….

    Rooting for Ya Nancy Pelosipants !!!

    (She looks like a Black Keith Olbermann)

  2. This would be great!….every time she walks to the speakers chair all the other representatives could yell….’HERE COME DA FUDGE, HERE COME DA FUDGE’….

  3. Never chaired a committee, never served in leadership – yeah, she’d be a swell choice for the speakership.

    If she makes a serious run at the job the house dems will tear themselves apart, with the identity faction supporting her so they get a larger share of the goodies and the crony, corrupt spoils diggers fighting tooth and nail to keep their privileges.

  4. I want her to run, but then lose to Pelousy. Then Pelousy is the racist for the next two years and Trump can rub it in every damned day!

  5. Notice her priorities are copycat Trump except for the student debt thing. When PT wins these dems will claim it as her victory.

    I prefer NP in all her clarity to become speaker, although I really prefer Occasional Cortex.

  6. Nancy was saying she had to be speaker because it had to be a woman to offset men in all the other powerful positions. So, a black woman trumps a geriatric white woman.

  7. Was it intentional when you said Fudge ‘severed’ on two agriculture and aerospace committees?
    I have to ask. Severing is what democrats do.

  8. NEVER underestimate the democraps ability AND willingness, to TRIPLE-down on the “STOOOOOOOOOOOPID!”

    “Hold my doobie and watch THIS!” 🙄


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