Spitzer assault probe ‘in limbo’ after accuser leaves US – IOTW Report

Spitzer assault probe ‘in limbo’ after accuser leaves US

spitzer and hooker

NYP: The NYPD’s investigation into claims that former Gov. Eliot Spitzer choked an admitted ex-hooker inside the Plaza Hotel has been put on ice because his accuser left the country, a department spokesman said Tuesday.

“I think at this point, the case is effectively, at the least, in limbo pending a complainant,” Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis said.

“In a case like this you definitely need somebody.”  more

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  1. A $5000 a night hooker with A-cups? And a Bob Hope nose? How is that possible? Are New York men really that desperate? Or that flush with cash?

    Wow. Just freakin’ wow!

  2. Trooper is correct. While I know it’s never free, I just can’t imagine it being worth that much.

    Funny mentioning Bob Hope’s nose. I read somewhere that ol Bob was a true asshole to work with, two of his demands when hitting town were the best room and most expensive hooker be provided by the booking agent.

  3. ex hooker?
    is that because she changed her job title from hooker to “political sex therapist” and jacked her rates from $100 to $5000 since now the health insurance pays for it since she is a now a “therapist”?

  4. Geeze, who knew?

    At $5k/night I must have already gone through north of a quarter million dollars worth of pussy by the time I graduated high school.

    Her looks are pretty common.

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