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Sanders Has Benefitted From Super PACs–And He Accepted Contributions From Wall Street


Townhall: Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent-turned-Democratic Senator from Vermont, proudly states pervasively that he does not have a super PAC (sorry, Supah PAC), and he’s not beholden to Wall Street ties in the same fashion as Hillary Clinton. That’s true. There is no Bernie super PAC per se, but he does benefit from the super PACs within his coalition. Moreover, he’s benefitted from indirect Wall Street contributions and regularly attended retreats hosted by their lobbyists, according to the Wall Street Journal: more

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  1. Bernie’s got the media and the Unions – that’s all the Super PACs he’ll ever need.

    When is America going to awaken and give Bernie and his ilk what they deserve?

    Some dead white dude once said that we cannot exist half slave and half free. Socialists are parasites. Non-socialists are producers. If the producers are forced to feed, house, and clothe the parasites, then they are slaves.

    This should be unacceptable.

    But we live in strange times.

  2. I’m beginning to be convinced that Bernie is going to end up being the Democratic nominee despite all of the declarations out there that it is not possible. The same people have been predicting the imminent fall of The Donald and have been just as wrong. When the FBI reports on the Hildebeest II think there will be nothing left of the Democrat Party to prevent the Occupy crowd from nominating Bernie Sanders. It is almost too late right now for a late entry to even get on the ballot in most States, and a desperation write-in campaign has almost no chance of succeeding…for example if there were a late Biden/Warren ticket post Hildebeest implosion…

    I also think that very soon Trump’s support is going to be shown to be largely illusory and a product of polls that have also been shown to be spectacularly wrong about almost everything for decades. He may appear to have support in these early open primary races but the more Trump talks the less people like what he says because it is not only lacking any specific detail but is also becoming more shrill and accusatory than the Hildebeest. He is not just savaging his competition, he is savaging their supporters as well.

    Our politics has always been loud, messy, often outrageous and frequently features populist Candidates that sound good at first but proved themselves to be unworkable and un-electable when closely examined by American voters.

    Trump has a lot of “supporters” but we have yet to see him translate that polling data into actual votes in a real Republican Primary. Let’s see how he does in States that don’t let the Democrats skew the results.

    We shall see.

  3. Bernie – who has sucked on the government teat his whole life is worth about $1.5 million. This includes the $200,000 his wife was paid to go away after her lies on bank loans almost put the college she presided over out of business.

    He also ran the most expensive campaign in Vermont history and put his wife and children on the campaign payroll.

    Bernie’s a 1%’er just like the communist leaders he so admires.

    “Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others”.

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