“Don’t smoke. Don’t be like Obama.” – IOTW Report

“Don’t smoke. Don’t be like Obama.”

Obama stars as poster child for Russian anti-smoking ads.

obama russian anti smoking ad

 WaTimes: An image of President Obama enjoying a last long drag on a cigarette is being used in a new campaign in Moscow to encourage Russians to give up smoking. The message: Both tobacco and the American president can kill you.


8 Comments on “Don’t smoke. Don’t be like Obama.”

  1. They could add to the ‘don’t smoke’ admonition the following: don’t lie, cheat, connive, plot, hate, fag, weasel, doublecross, backstab, embellish, misrepresent and falsify!

  2. You need to play the old Tex Williams song Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette (or better yet the Commander Cody version) in the background with that poster of barry smoking a fag. The Brits call cigarettes fags. It’d be a hoot!

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