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‘Spokane Spanker’ faces serious sex assault charges

KFI:  The man accused of slapping women’s backsides along a popular hiking trial in Spokane, Washington is facing charges that carry serious penalties.

28-year-old Jonathan Smith, a.k.a ‘The Spokane Spanker,’ is charged with 11 counts of 4th degree assault with sexual motivation.
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13 Comments on ‘Spokane Spanker’ faces serious sex assault charges

  1. I don’t disagree, some jail time and counseling.

    In another light, If he joined BLM or ANTIFA, rioted, beat and threw rocks at people he would likely still be free with no charges.

  2. How do they come up with “4th degree”? Most criminal codes have a max of 3 degrees. And “sexual motivation” sounds too much like “thought crime”. Then again, it is the Left Coast.

  3. Did you all catch the lady with the cankles … OH Yeah Lady you need a social movement to stop men from touching you !!!
    That’s probrably the only chance you’ll have of bieng touched if that’s your Tude !

  4. As a proud lifelong Spokane area resident this bugs me a lot. We’re not Seattle but some people think that Spokane is a suburb of Seattle or that we’re a bunch of hayseed wheat and lentil farmers, loggers, miners and stump bumpers and that we’re still fighting Indians out here in the Inland NW. This we don’t need, this sicko need to go away forever. I’d rather be known for Gonzaga University going to the final 4 and playing in the Natl. championship game in College basketball even though we lost than this worthless idiot. I’m sure he’ll fit in fine down at the state penitentiary in Walla Walla where he needs to be locked up forever. At last they didn’t call him the Spokane Pecker Packer or the Spokane Chicken Choker.

  5. Back in the day when I was in the Navy in the 70’s people from the NW were considered to be stump bumpers because of all the trees out here especially on the West side of Wash. state and Oregon. They automatically assumed that as a stereotype of north westerners that we all bumped into trees because trees were supposed to be everywhere. Obviously, they’ve never been to the middle part of the state where there are gazillions of acres of sage brush and scrub land because we’d be sage brush bumpers. I am not a big fan of central Wash. (it’s too damn dry and too hot and no mountains or trees except black locusts which are weed trees as far as I’m concerned), except for all the irrigation otherwise there would nothing but desert from Spokane to the East side of the Cascades.

  6. @geoff, The first “crop circles” I ever saw were in Spokane, flying in on business there were these huge green circles. Crops watered by circular irrigation, common now, not so much in the early ’70s.
    Spokane women sure were friendly with this southern gentleman.

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