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Spokesman in Army’s New Ad Wasn’t All He Could Be

Military Times

The Army paused its new multi-million dollar advertising campaign Sunday after its featured actor was arrested the day before, officials said.

Jonathan Majors, who stars as the on-screen narrator in the first wave of “Be All You Can Be” advertisements, faces charges of assault, strangulation and harassment, a New York Police Department official told Army Times.

The police official said officers responded to a 911 call shortly after 11:00 a.m. at an apartment in the city’s Chelsea neighborhood, where they found Majors and a 30-year-old woman with injuries to her head and neck. Officers did a “preliminary investigation” and arrested the actor. More

One of the canceled new commercials, featuring Jonathan Majors. Here

Major’s lawyer claims evidence shows his client “completely innocent.” Here

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  1. Spokesman in Army’s New Ad Wasn’t All He Could Be”

    …on the contrary. He’s an actor and a Democrat. Pretending to be someone else while beating a woman and lying about it probably IS him being all he can be.

    A lying, tyrant serving, perverted domestic abuser.


    …but most Democrats are pedophiles too. I’m sure he’ll get there, if he isn’t already and it isn’t something ELSE he’s lying about…

  2. “Be Whoever You Want To Be” is more like it.

    I was fairly young in the 70s but I still remember the stigma attached to our Vietnam vets and the disdain our nation heaped on those poor boys. We are returning to those days.

    The military used to be a place where a young man could find himself, could develop character-building skills, could learn a trade, and could leave his country better protected than when he found it. But the woke left has not only degraded/eroded its war-fighting capabilities, but it has also made it ordinary, non-descript, a social experiment.

    Contrary to that dope John Kerry, the military used to attract our best and brightest, not sure what the appeal is anymore.

  3. …I guess it makes sense to have abusive actors playing soldiers now though, seeing as how Miley is pretending to be a general, Austin is pretending to be a legit Secretary of Defense, and there’s a demented pedophile usurper pretending to be Commander-In-Chief with ALL of them pretenting to be there FOR America instead of AGAINST it, so I suppose having an actor extol the supposed virtues of something he himself never did or will do is just fully in keeping with the giant, fraudulent morbid joke that is the Pedo Administration…

  4. …they had to revert to “Be All You Can Be” because “Serve A Pedophile Puppet And Deny Your Gender While Taking Poison And Being Trained To Shoot Your Own Family If You Aren’t Sacrificed To America’s Enemies For No Reason First” wasn’t quite crisp enough for a 30 second commercial

  5. there’s gonna be a lot of money flying around about this
    so- will the district attorney of nyc prosecute him for paying off his victim to remain silent?
    and, if the ‘incident’, or domestic dispute happened in a car, why was he in the apartment with her afterwards? Maybe add kidnapping and intimidation charges, too.

  6. Obstackles?!
    How about faggot communist traitors in the top ranks?

    And how dare they invoke the patriots who founded this once great nation!


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