Stacking Dice With a Cup

I watch this guy’s channel on Youtube, Learn Quick, from time to time.

It’s a simple premise. People challenge him to learn a difficult task within a couple of days. In this one he was challenged to learn how to stack dice using a cup.

I have no idea why this fascinated me, but it did. And, oddly, I have no desire whatsoever to try the feat, content with watching him do it.

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  1. This is what makes fur so entertaining. Unlike most bloggers who want to entertain or inform or just get a rise out of people, fur is content to forgo all of that and simply post whatever strikes his fancy at the moment.

    It would be totally zen except for the unfortunate speech impediment of the presenter. Making fun of the handicapped is always a comedic toss up.

    Anyway, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of deja-vu. I was reminded of watching outtakes of Flowers for Algernon. Or perhaps an instructional dance video made by Forest Gump.

    It doesn’t matter. I’m always happy to see one of Jerry’s kids make a go of life.

    O.K. look, I’m not saying he’s uncoordinated, but I am saying Jenga probably haunts his nightmares and that he has to wear boxing gloves to masturbate in order to avoid injury.

  2. Thanks Fur. Facinating. I’m going out right now to get a tallish glass and ten casino die. And maybe a gun and a single bullet for use in a week or so.

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