Staffers Openly Fighting In White House–Biden Goes To Sleep Early – IOTW Report

Staffers Openly Fighting In White House–Biden Goes To Sleep Early

Palmieri Report:

According to Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec, the Biden White House is descending into fighting among rival staffers.

He said that Biden’s Chief of Staff wanted to get Biden back to the White House.

Jill Biden blocked it.

Kamala refused to do a press conference because she is focused on Haiti and not Afghanistan.

Ron Klain wanted Biden to rush back to DC yesterday afternoon to the Situation Room but Jill stepped in saying that Biden could ‘project his leadership’ from anywhere, per WH official

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) August 16, 2021

Shade War going hot – Kamala refused a request to do a presser today. Said she was focused on Haiti not Afghanistan. Now staffers for the rival teams have been openly fighting all day, per WH official

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) August 16, 2021

Joe Biden went to sleep early: more

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  1. “Kamala refused a request to do a presser today. Said she was focused on Haiti not Afghanistan.”

    She DOES prefer Black to Afghani Caucasoid, I oughta know…

  2. “Biden went to sleep earlier than usual tonight, per WH official. ‘He was confused by all the conflicting intel reports’”

    The whole rest of the world sees rooftop helicopter evacuations, troops burning their own American flags so the enemy doesn’t get them, people falling off the landing gear of C17s because the airport can’t even secure the flight line any more, and bodies of murdered allies strewn in the streets.

    But the Pedo wants to see what the NSA’s “take” on it is, or something.


    I don’t doubt he’s confused, but that’s not why.

    He thought his masters would put something better on the TelePrompTer for him, is all.

    And he also doesn’t understand why the MSN isn’t running full cover for him like he’s used to.

    …could be that Pedo is about to find out that Afgani interpreters aren’t the ONLY allies his Communist masters stab in the back when their usefullness to the Party is over…

  3. All being done ON PURPOSE.
    Part of THE PLAN
    Next is the Afghan refugees coming to a neighborhood near YOU.

  4. I’ve been saying it for a while now, Dr. Jill IS the pResident of the United States.

  5. …and as such, the children are behaving like they are Kindergarten.

  6. Obama wants everyone to think he’s all about Netflix and being a celebrity but he got old Joe nominated and is calling the shots. Here is another opportunity to over run the country with Muslims which Obama was and is, he is no christian! Don’t be fooled. The plan under George Soros and company is long term and carefully planned. Just watch the Democrats moves they will go on and on and get worse against patriotic Americans in favor of radical America haters like the squad and the countless refugees they are pouring into the country.

  7. “Biden went to sleep earlier than usual tonight, per WH official. ‘He was confused by all the conflicting intel reports’”

    …even were it true, thus is an amazing admission. The whole point of the presidency is for there to b a single person who can cut the Gordian knot of tangled and conflicting information – which ANY emergency, from a traffic stop to a war HAS – and MAKE A DECISION AND STICK WITH IT.

    The difference between a good administrator and a bad one can be a few heartbeats, and any decisive action can usually be made to work, but you have to pick a direction FIRST.

    Not deciding is a decision in and of itself, and has consequences too.


    If we WANTED every command decision to be made by committee, there would BE no presidency.

    And no country either. Because that flat doesn’t WORK. SOMEONE needs to have the deciding vote, because emergencies don’t wait for everyone to hash it out among the group.

    This can be true on even a personal level. I’ve had to make many decisions in my life, sometimes involving life or death situations, even for my own family. Sometimes it went well, sometimes it required more decisions be made to make thr initial one work, but never have I resolved any emergency or crisis by simply saying “fuck it, I’m going to bed”, and leaving everone standing around gaping at me while I strip to my skivvies and nestle myself between the sheets.

    Because the problem will not only still BE there when you get up, it will be 10,000 times WORSE.

    Or someone will take it upon themselves to do something stupid in your stead.

    Either way, its not effective.

    …a good example of THIS strategy was the D-day invasion of France. The invasion WAS in trouble at several points and may even have been thrown back into the sea, had the Germans fully mobilized their tank reserves and committed the Luftwaffe to the right beaches instead of expecting the “REAL” invasion to come in Calais. Hitler *could* have committed the larger forces to the correct beaches as the dynamic situation became manifest, and the day would have been far bloodier at best, and a complete Allied disaster at worst.

    But he wasn’t around to do that.

    Because he had taken a sleeping pill and left orders to not be disturbed, and no one in the vaunted General Staff had the ballz to end-run him or even wake him up.

    …see, if you TAKE power, you HAVE to be available to WIELD it, or at LEAST have a trusted delegate to do so in your stead.

    Pedo didn’t have that. He has nothing. Not even a fuctioning brain any more, and CERTAINLY no ACTUAL power. That’s exercised by his masters.

    Still, he COULD have stepped up and done something. But he went to bed.

    And millions will likely never wake up again as a result.

    …you think THIS is bad, wait till his Chinese masters invade Taiwan.

    Perhaps even have NK nuke Japan.

    Fallout from a stolen presidency?You ain’t seen NOTHING yet…

  8. @Not Me:

    I’ve never agreed with the idea that Obama is in charge. First, I believe he is sly like a fox but not actually smart. Second, I don’t believe he has a work ethic…he’d rather enjoy the trappings of his ill-gotten wealth. My thought is he has involvement on some level but he too is being directed by others with the same nefarious agenda. Could be wrong but Obummer is a feckless dick

  9. No mention of Joe’s take on going back to DC. Just Jill’s take on it. So the 1st lady is making decisions for him. Enough said. That guy has very little mental capacity left as his wife is shielding hi..

  10. Barky may not be in charge, but somebody’s on the other end of the earpiece?
    ‘Leave now’ is great advice, but should of included -and don’t come back.
    It’s unfortunate that even if they kick Joe to the curb the people that are really in charge are going double down on the destruction of the USA, just putting a new tip on the spear.

  11. if *Biden ever had an Original Idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill him dead.

    Same goes for CommieLa.

  12. Billy Fuster
    AUGUST 17, 2021 AT 10:50 AM
    “They’re all fighting to see who gets to wipe his butt.”

    Harry Canyon: “Hey, kiss my ass, will ya!”
    Hooker: “I’ll do it for twenty bucks !”
    -“Heavy Metal”, 1981

    …it’s like looking at the future…

  13. Tyrants are always more concerned about their “creature” comforts above all else. The main reason Hell breaks loose around them. Eventually, the lies and corruption cause their support system to implode.
    Demented Xiden is experiencing his evil empire collapsing before his drowsy eyes. Unware the price he will pay – eternal damnation,
    for assisting in the Communist invasion destroying this country.

  14. “Project his leadership from anywhere”? Are you kidding? The husk can’t even tell you what his name is on most days. This debacle of Afghanistan is clearly NOT a position of leadership, it is a dementia riddled old man who is pushed out in front of cameras by a bunch of elder abusers to make a fool out of himself & us by association.


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