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Biden’s Teleprompter Read “Leave Now”

His handlers know they are dealing with an idiot that has to be micromanaged. America did not elect this moron. We are not that stupid as a country.

Before it’s too late –

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  1. Our entire political structure is corrupt.
    Until corruption is strenuously curtailed, it will not only continue but increase.

    Rust and rot never seem to diminish on their own.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I think of the sacrifice of so many men and women over the last twenty years which made a difference in Afghanistan but was thrown away on a whim by the demon rats of this unelected “government” we have had foisted upon us.

    History may not remember them due to the rewriting of history being done everyday by a media that is relentless in destroying everything American and even remotely nationalistic in scope in favor of a one world utopia of gender neutered idiots more concerned with herd immunity then Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Happiness is obsoleted.

  3. Kcir AUGUST 17, 2021 AT 7:32 AM
    “Hack it to say “and who’s been f-ckin my wife?””


    Dad doesn’t really like ’em once they hit puberty, and THIS old whore is dusty and dry, but enough of the coke and I’d fuck a witch if one of my Chinee buddies would hold her for me and guide it in *SNERK!* *COFF-COFF!* WHO PUT MY FULL PAINT STRAW NEXT TO MY COKE STRAW!

  4. Someone needs to insert text of President Nixon’s resignation speech in the teleprompter.
    He would read it, but probably would even screw that up.

  5. Please don’t jump to the wrong, obvious conclusion. Dementia Joe is not really just a teleprompter reading shell of his former incompetent, corrupt, prevaricating, plagiarizing, perverted self. I’m sure that Robert Woodward will have an explanation for this in his next article for the Washington Post. Be patient. I’m sure that there will be couple of sentences in his next 9,876 word whitewash that will explain this as simply Dementia Joe’s speech writers’ note to one another to leave for ice cream in the kitchen. Or, something like that.

  6. “I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

    I thought they’d ride him until the end, but now it’s looking like President Harris by Monday. She’s already being prepped by the WestExec cabal. Ashraf Ghani isn’t the only corrupt, incompetent leader flying off into the sunset.

    But who knows…The media may yet pull Joe’s fat out of the fire after after some perfunctory wrist-slapping.

    Anyhow, we should push back even harder against jab mandates and state line jab checkpoints, now that we see how incompetent our military is, and how quickly our current leftist overlords fold up in the face of determined opposition.

  7. Jackass Joe needs a teleprompter at the urinal to tell him to put it back in his pants!
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    Here comes Joey with his pecker in his hand
    he’s a one ball man
    and he’s off to the rodeo!

  8. Don’t tell joey not to piss on a metal wall on a very cold subzero day. He’d get his pecker stuck to the frozen wall and they’d have to call the Fire Dept. to get him unstuck. I triple dog dare you joey to do it.

  9. somewhere there has to be a 14 year old kid that can hack into his teleprompter….

    Would love to type in at the end and have pudding brain read “now I have to go get two scoops of Rocky Road with my old buddy Corn Pop…bye bye bitches”

  10. Biden’s new tag line: “Leave Now”

    After invoking the 25th, it will be replaced with:
    “If You Can’t Suck It, Fuck It”

  11. They should consider themselves fortunate Biden’s mashed potato brain can still make out words printed on a screen.

    Please tell me he didn’t read that out loud “Salute the Marines” style.


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